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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ready For Ya.

Skirt, Headband: Forever21.
Blouse: c/o OASAP.
Heels: c/o Pink and Pepper.
Knee Socks: H&M.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.

Hello! ♥
Life has been very peaceful and content lately. I feel like all is right, and I'm where and who I'm supposed to be. Thankful is just a really good word to describe how I feel. Thankful to be able to study what I want and be encouraged. Thankful to have a great group of friends that I can count on and have fun with. Thankful I've come to a place of acceptance with my personality, body, and style. And really thankful just in general for my family.

They came up to Kent this weekend for the day to go do some fall activities. It ended up pouring rain miserably and we didn't get to do anything that we had planned...But it was still such a special day spent with them and one I cherish. When I'm bored in my classes  I think about what it will be like to not see them in person for sixteen weeks when I go to Italy next year. How will I be able to handle that? I derive a lot of my strength and happiness from them and to not have them with me will be one of the greatest challenges I'll go through in my life thus far. Both dreading and looking forward for that time to come, as I know it's going to help me grow so much as a person.

I've been nervous thinking about internships though. As a fashion merchandising major it's required that I do an internship and ideally I would like mine to be for this coming summer. I have a specific dream place in mind, but I am just so insecure about applying and feel as though it will be impossible to get accepted. So much of my life will be changing in the next year; living somewhere different for an internship, living in a different country for half a year...I am nervous but so in awe of these opportunities I have in life. I know to enjoy these comforts like Kent, my family, and friends because soon all of these will be taken away for more uncomfortable, frightening experiences. As time goes on though I feel myself getting more and more mentally ready to be put out of my comfort zone this next year. 

I'm ready for ya, future.

With much love, Lauren.


Jess said...

This is such a pretty outfit!
I know how you feel with the uncomfortableness of change next year - I'll hopefully be going to Uni next year and the thought of not getting accepting is terrifying but you just have to embrace it and face it head on otherwise how will you ever grow and learn as a person? :)
Jess from http://theadorabledork.blogspot.co.uk

Mimi said...

Can I just say it would pretty much make my life if you interned at modcloth? And I mean at this point I've spent enough money there that they totally have to listen to my opinion.... right?

Unknown said...

I love this outfit! Too cute (:

Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

Conny said...

Always remember to "THINK POSITIVE!" you can do anything you set your mind to. It won't hurt to apply to your dream internship place! :-) by the way, LOVE your whole outfit here!

Elliementary, My Dear said...

I did an internship while studying abroad. I was terrified thinking about the internship part but it turned out to be such a great experience and the people you intern for typically understand that you are there to learn so they don't expect you to know everything. And with studying abroad, you are in a group with other people who are far away from home too so you are not alone in that. Best of luck to you for when the time comes :)

And your outfit totally reminds me of Olive Oil from Popeye. Too cute.

Ruby Sterland said...

LOVE your pleated skirt! It's a really pretty length. Congrats on being in Seventeen too! x


Kalie said...

I love all the red. I used to avoid that color like the plague, but lately I've been wearing it more and more. I think it works really well with dark-haired girls. :)

Alexandra Marie said...

So many exciting things are happening, I'm so happy for you! Lovely outfit as always- adore those shoes! Alex


Mamalina said...

Lauren, you look beyond beautiful in red! I love the top! You are sooo pretty!




Ester Durães said...

wow I love this preppy outfit with a pop of colour! you look so cute, Lauren!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've been feeling thankful and happy lately! You look STUNNING!

Xo, Hannah


Unknown said...

You are so adorable! That skirt is just perfect!

Isn't it great to see your family sometimes, mine was up this weekend as well! Glad to hear that you are getting ready for the future - you are going to do such wonderful things!


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