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Monday, September 30, 2013

Just Like Lana.

1960's Dress, White Heels: Thrifted.
Vintage Earrings: Gift.
Lipstick in MAC'S Myth.
Hair Extensions: c/o Irresistible Me

Hello for the second time today!
I wore this very vintage outfit last Thursday inspired by Lana Del Rey in the National Anthem music video. I've had this beauty of a 60's dress for almost a month now after thrifting it in Akron. I've found it frustrating on how to wear it though, and what exactly to wear it with. It's a somewhat uncomfortable polyester fabric that doesn't breath well, and the pretty details on the bodice and waist are what I wanted to keep the focus on. So with these two problems, I knew I needed 1) a somewhat cool day to wear it and 2) to keep the outfit simple. 

I wish you could see the details of this dress a little better in the photos--it's just beautiful! I have to admit, it was a bit strange to wear a straight skirt silhouette instead of a full skirt. Definitely was unsure of how to pose!  I put in my extensions to get some more full, voluminous hair for a complete 1960's look . It's crazy how well these match my hair color, but it's hard for them to blend into the texture of my hair. It's not really anything faulty with the extensions, just I have a very hard (and strange) texture of hair to match to which the extensions don't. I tried curling them which did help a bit, but it's still obvious often times that I have extensions in. 

I usually don't write much about fashion/my outfit because I feel as though it's boring and every post is kind of the same more or less. But this outfit had a lot of interesting details and things that I wanted to talk about, so I couldn't not say anything!

See you all tomorrow for OCTOBER! ♥

With much love, Lauren.


The Style Storm said...

Love that dress! Looks amazing on you!

The Style Storm
xo, Christina

Violet said...

You look more like National Anthem Lana than Born to Die, but you still look lovely! Your hair is gorgeous!

SomeoneLikeYou said...


That's what I meant! Ahh, mixed them up. Thank you :)

Unknown said...

I love this dress! You look so lady-like and grown up. I love that video soo much! Wish I could get my hair that full.
xoxo, Lindsey DIsh @ the beltedpear.blogspot.com

Sammi said...

Ohh LAUREN, this dress is a DREAM on you! The detailing is gorgeous, and I cannot get over your HAIR!!! You definitely can't see any difference in texture in the photos -- the extensions look beautiful. Love love love.

xox Sammi

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