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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Making New.

Lace Dress: Delia's.
Polka Dot Top, Hat, Boots: Thrifted.
Camera Necklace: Forever21.
Bow Belt: Forever21.

Hello sweet souls! ♥
A weekend at home was just what I needed to gain some perspective and clear my head. Home is comfort and familiarity, so it's easy comfortably think about things there at peace. Sometimes you just need that, you know?  I've found that you cannot run away from where you're from. There is an invisible string that will always tie you there, always draw you back no matter what. Home shouldn't be a sense of unfamiliarity for you, but a place of solitude and rest for weary bodies, souls, minds.

Home was everything it should be for me for this short trip and I am thankful and excited to be back at college to try tweaking a few things now. Thank you for your kind words and varying perspectives on my last post--it's nice to hear what you all have to say and think. It gets me out of my often one-pathway of thinking!

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Hope it's beautiful for you.

With much love, Lauren.



Unknown said...

So glad you're feeling a bit better!

This outfit is absolutely perfect. I love the layering here. The polka dot top looks wonderful underneath your lace dress. This makes me want to break out my white dresses asap! I really love the patterned tights and boots paired with yours. Great hat too!

Ester Durães said...

aww Lauren, you look so damn beautiful in these pictures! :) I love your outfit and the way you layered that shirt with that dress, it's perfect! I am also so in love with your hat!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

Unknown said...

Gorgeous outfit! Did not realise that was a shirt underneath! Love the black, white and red colours (:


Sophie said...

I adore the way you've layered a skirt underneath the dress! So chic!

Elliementary, My Dear said...

Your hat is way too cute and looks great with the polka dots. I often escape to my parents' house when I need a break from the city so I totally understand how you feel. It's like having a little weekend retreat.

|åƱȩȠȡȅɍ ȶῢⱠⱡⱣž said...

Tomorrow is a brand new day and I'm glad tomorrow has brought us some beautiful photos! I love the colour of your lipstick and your hat!! Adorable :)

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love the layering of the same color because at first glance it looks like one piece! I also love the classic mix of red, white, and black. By the way...what lipstick are you wearing?! It's such a great shade of red.

Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful girl and I just love this outfit!

Xo, Hannah


OrigamiGirl said...

That is one damn classy look Lauren. You remind me of a black and white film. I'm glad that home is a place of refreshment for you. I hope college is going well for you. It always takes a while to adjust back into old patterns and new lectures. :)

Unknown said...

Glad that things are a little bit better - home can do that sometimes! I really love your top - the pattern is just perfect!


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