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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Like Falling Leaves.

Red Trench Coat: Forever21.
Cream, Knit Dress: H&M.
Camel Colored Beret: American Apparel.
Knee Socks: Kohl's.
Combat Boots: c/o Lulu*s.

So, it's major story time here on Someone Like You. Gather around our internet camp fire and get ya self a cup of hot cocoa.

My roommate and I were walking to lunch the other day and we stumbled across this tiny little creature and had to look twice--it was a baby squirrel. Kent State is known for our squirrels, they're like our unofficial mascot (and should be our actual mascot in my opinion). We had never seen a baby squirrel before and were ohhing and ahhing over it when we noticed something was wrong. It was so tiny and fragile, not to mention shaking like a little leaf. It looked like it was trying to come toward us, but didn't have the strength to do so. We both knew it was really sick, having fell from the tree above so the mother couldn't care for it. We left it there with heavy hearts knowing there was nothing we could do.

So, I'm taking outfit pictures today and I see this really weird guy kinda wandering around in the woods. He starts coming up to me after I've been there awhile and I'm thinking, "Oh no, some creepy guy coming to hit on me." But instead, I was shocked to find that this guy was holding THE BABY SQUIRREL in the palm of his hand! He had rescued it from where my roommate and I saw it and has been taking care of it. He said it wasn't sick, but after he fed it and warmed it up it acted completely normal. He did some research on it and since the squirrel could hardly open its eyes or walk, it's around five weeks old. The kind guy has been feeding it soy milk from a straw every four hours and keeping the little guy in his dorm. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and I couldn't believe someone had rescued the poor thing after seeing it look so sad. It was SO cute because the little guy was just burying himself into the fleece shirt sleeve of this dude and my heart melted.

I don't know what will happen to the baby squirrel, but it's so comforting to know that there are still kind and caring people out there that would do something like this. Makes me have some more faith in humanity after losing a lot following Miley's VMA performance. Lulz.

Anyways! Just a cute story I thought I'd share with you. It was really chilly here today and I got to wear fall clothes! And drink a warm cup of cafe mocha from Starbucks :)

With much love, Lauren.


Alexandra Marie said...

Aw, that is adorable!! What a luv <3 Alex


bridget anne said...

the sweetness of that story is just too much for me. i used to be weirdly, weirdly obsessed with squirrels. and that little guy is just so cute! i'm glad you snapped a photo to remember him by.

& love the red trench.

Katie Burry said...

First of all, you should have taken that guy out for coffee for saving that baby squirrel and then married him! Seriously, that is the coolest thing I've ever heard in my life.

Secondly, is it really cool enough for outfits like this where you live?? I'm super jealous. I can't wait for autumn but it's still pretty hot here. :-P At least it should be cooler once I get back from Missouri. ;D

Hope school is going well so far! We need to have a skype coffee date once I get back from MO!


Elliementary, My Dear said...

Love the combination of the red trench and camel beret. I'm so jealous that you can wear fall clothes already. The heat has just started where I live so I don't think I'll be pulling out my cool weather attire anytime soon.

And this story is kind of funny because my friends in college found a baby squirrel and tried to nurse it too. I wonder if this is something that happens on college campuses often. Very sweet of the guy to take care of it.

TaNuja said...

Bless that man... :)

the squirrel is so cute. hope it gets well sooooon.
I myself have rescued small birds and know that its a great feel.

by the way you look beautiful :)

tanuja :)

A Certain Vintage said...

perfect transitional outfit, you suit red so well and the camel beret is beautiful..i want one now. The baby squirrel story though? I haven't heard anything so adorable in ages, bet it worked better than trying to hit on you. If a guy came up to me with a baby squirrel...haha! such adorable photos you took of it! xox

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love your outfit. I can't wait until Georgia decides to cool down!

Love, Amy

Sammi said...

First of all, red is your color -- this jacket is perfect on you. Secondly... OH MY GOSH. THAT BABY SQUIRREL. I CAN'T. It's wonderful to know there are still kind-hearted individuals out there.

xox Sammi

Ashley said...

D'awww the squirrel <3 I probably would've freaked out though. I don't do well with untamed animals, Heh.. ANYWAY, you are such a doll. Love your red coat and those boots are badass! Great little post here, lady!

xo Ashley

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet story - and outfit! I love that red coat so much, and this whole ensemble is perfect for slipping into fall.

Ruby Sterland said...

This is such a cute story, and I know what you mean, I felt like crying when I saw Miley's performance. Love your red coat, and your little ankle boots! x


Kezzie said...

Oh my, that squirrel is truly gorgeous. I'd love to rescue a squig. At university, I found a baby mouse on the street in a similar way and carried it in my hand to oechestra. I then took it home to care for it but it was too ill and died- I cried my heart out. what a pretty outfit x

floating thru fields said...

cute outfit love the boots too :)

Becky said...

This is one of my favorite outfits you've ever worn! Love it!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

That guy sounds like a sweetheart! Was he cute?! hahaha.

I really love this outfit, and it's making me yearn for fall even more than I already am...if that's even possible. I love how red and tan look together. :)

Ester Durães said...

This outfit is so damn perfect! I absolutely love it, this looks so cozy and beautiful for Fall! :)
oh and that baby squirell!! cutest thing ever!!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

Unknown said...

You look so adorable! that red jacket is just a dream!

And what a cute story! Even though I'm not a huge fan of squirrels, that little baby is just too cute! I'm glad that guy did some research on it and tried to save it! Was this dude cute? Because that would be the best meeting story ever! :P


Lublyou said...

awwww the baby squirrel! I just have no words! So glad the guy saved it!

Unknown said...

Love your outfit, i'm so looking forward to wearing a dress with tights :)

Such a cute squirrel, was the guy cute? Cause if he was, ( even if he isn't) you should go out with him, he can't be bad if he's such a animal lover ;)

x Audrey

Anonymous said...

I truly adore the baby squirrel!!!! My brother is a squirrel charmer (don't know how, but since he was a child he could cause squirrels to follow him around and sit on his lap or whatever). He had a pet squirrel when he was about 6 that was a baby. I wasn't alive back then, but I am sure it was darling like this one!!! That is nice of the guy to take care of that sweet baby.

Your outfit is so great an I love the socks and boots!! Beautiful colors!

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