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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nordstrom's Rack Opening Party!

Hello ♥
Last Tuesday I was blessed enough to be invited to attend an opening for a new Nordstorm's Rack in Columbus. I've never been to a Nordstrom's Rack before, so it was a treat to be able to see one and get a first look shopping preview.

To be honest I was pretty underwhelmed with the clothing selection they had though. I was expecting lots of pretty Free People and other higher end brands I can't afford full price, but there wasn't too much of a selection. I was blown away by the shoes they carried though. So many beautiful pairs I wanted to take about ten different ones home with me. I was really surprised to find that they carried Jeffery Campbell-- first time I've held a pair in person!

Along with the shoes I loved the makeup section, as well. Like I said in my last post, I managed to snag an Urban Decay palette for only $12 which is phenomenal. Jessica came away with a pretty lace dress, some Marc Jacobs perfume, and a BCBG bracelet--that lucky gal!

Afterwards Jessica and I couldn't help but stop by at Jeni's. If you're not from Ohio, you're probably not familiar with what it is. Basically Jeni's is an organic, local ingredients ice cream shop that is based out of Columbus. It became so popular that they're popping up all over Ohio and branching out to selling pints in other states (for now!). It's honestly the best ice cream I've ever had and they have very interesting, out of the ordinary flavors that are well worth spending the little bit extra. So glad Jessica had me try it out!

Although I was exhausted when the trip was through (two and a half hour drive both ways!) it was well worth it and I am glad for an evening of trying out/seeing new things!

With much love, Lauren.



Alexandra Marie said...

I have one near where I live, they had some cute stuff, but I know what you mean- it was a bit underwhelming. Looks like you had fun, and that palette is beautiful! Alex


SM said...

Look like a fun time! The Jeffrey Campbell shoes are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Nordstrom Rack is such a fun place! I love their shoes, too!

Xo, Hannah


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