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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sucker For Makeup.

Makeup can be considered good and evil. On one hand, it's a beautiful form of art and creativity, allowing a person to express themselves in any way they please. On the other hand, makeup can be destructive. It can be a hedonistic power for women to hide behind, never allowing them to develop confidence in their natural beauty.

I've been on both sides of the makeup spectrum and I can say I feel at a happy and good place with makeup now. Make up is fun for me. I love trying out new looks, experimenting, and getting into character with it to match my outfits. That's why I felt comfortable (and excited) to be able to try out some samples of Mary Kay Beauty products every month!

I've never ordered from Mary Kay, but I can remember as a small girl seeing the name on my mother's make up products. I was graciously given four adorable and handmade packages with varying products in each; one for facial cleansing, one for foundation, one for makeup, and one for my hands. Thrilled to try out these little surprise packages, here's what I found out when I did my makeup with them for my Fourth of July post:

Package 1: Cleanse.
I am notoriously bad for not taking care of my skin properly like I should. I leave my makeup on at night, and only every now and then bother to wash my face. When I do have time though I love to actually clean my face with products. Having a fresh face going to bed is one of the best feelings in the world. These 'botanical effects' facial products smelt so wonderful and natural and left my face feeling just that- natural. I have a rough face from previous years of being an acne picker, but this made my skin so smooth...and the perfect, clean canvas for my make up ♥

Package 2: Power Up.
In my makeup routine I only use liquid foundation, but a powder foundation is perfect for getting rid of that shine that comes along with summertime heat. It's 100 degrees here in Ohio, so I was anxious to try out this powder to see if it gave me a matte effect. I tried using the little sponges given to me, but they didn't get the all over effect I wanted so I just used a fluffy brush. The powder (I used Ivory) evened out my skin tone wonderfully and took away the shine. It lasted quite awhile, but not the whole evening. Still- much better than what I usually look like, heh

Package 3: Splash Some Color.
Ahh, the fun part :) I was thrilled to try out makeup in my favorite palate- brown smokey eyes, red lips. The eyeshadow was wonderful and highly pigmented- such a difference from the $5 cheap ELF palate I use! I skipped over the eyeliner given because it wasn't dark enough for me (I need a lot of definition for my small eyes), and then tried out the red lipstick. It was the perfect color and you all know how much of a sucker I am for lipstick! I also put on some of the gold tinted gloss given to me which added a dynamic look to my lips that I don't usually have because I don't use gloss. Lastly, I tried out the mini mascara which worked well enough. All of the mascaras I try never give me enough volume and thickness that I want besides my l'oreal paris one, and this didn't quite live up to it either. Then again, I am a crazy mascara fiend and put way too much on...it would probably be enough for all of you

Package 4: Pamper Your Hands.
My parents tell me I have what's called 'the sweaty palm disease.' It's always been an embarrassing trait that I despise to have clammy, sweaty hands. One benefit I've found though from having sweaty hands though it that they're always soft, but I was curious to give this hand treatment a go! It left my hands just as each of the three mini products said; smooth, soft, and touchable! Now if only there was something to take away the sweatiness...♥
What is your gals' thoughts on makeup and makeup use? Do you see it as a fun, creative outlet or a self-esteem ruiner? Have you ever tried any Mary Kay products...?

See you all soon
With much love, Lauren.


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

Love this. And you also look so beautiful in the top photo.


katie said...

Alas, here's where I admit that I'm more of a Avon girl. (I really admire the voice they've had against domestic abuse, and I've had good luck with their skin cleaners.) I do like what you said about Mary Kays eyeshadow aving more pigment, I always run into the problem of my eyeshadow fading out in a couple hours. You always have such lovely makeup, I've been studying your photos trying to figure out how you do your eye makeup. (It always looks so nice! I have small eyes with droppy lids, so it takes a lot of work to make my eyes look good!)

Jess said...

My mom used to actually sell Mary Kay makeup, so we still literally have BOXES of it around the house. Not kidding. I do theater, so the liquid foundation is good for that, but not much else. It makes me break out. But the powder is actually really good. The concealer is okay, the masks are great (i'm actually almost out :( ), the eyeshadows and blushes are good. I also like the eyeliner, but I personally prefer Clinique for cleansers, mascara, and lipstick. Just my own little beauty opinion :)

Christine said...

You did such a wonderful post on this! :) thank you so much! Red does look amazing on you- no wonder yo ulike wearing it so much :)

god bless,

Maria said...

I love reading your reviews Lauren, they are so well written, honest and interesting. I would love it if you started doing 'Month Favourites' at the end of each month where you showcase your favourite things... :)
You look beautiful too!
xx Maria

Katie Selt said...

You are absolutely gorgeous!


Unknown said...

Hi dear!
I love so much you're blog, I follow u.

My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.
Hope u follow back :) :)

A lot of kisses, honey.

Unknown said...

huh. never tried this brand before. it sounds so broken down and simple! love it. and it looks gorgeous on you :)

aki! said...

I think the last time you commented on my blog, it had to do with topknots, and here you are sporting one. I seriously think that you're a wizard with these!

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