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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Afternoon in Vermillion.

Hello everyone!

So for awhile now I've been planning a super exciting trip to Vermillion, Ohio to meet up with a couple of sweet blog readers, Hannah and Krissy. They're both from Pennsylvania but Hannah's family was vacationing here in Ohio for a few days and thought it would be fun to meet up! Vermillion is a cute little beach town about an hour and a half north of where I live, and my father was so sweet to take me up there to spend the afternoon with these lovely ladies.

To tell you the truth, I was absolutely so nervous. I've only met one blog reader before (Claire!) and it was only for a few minutes...not for a whole afternoon! I feel like such a flawed person and was definitely nervous about making a fool or myself. The girls welcomed me with open arms into the most adorable vintage inspired cafe where we had a scrumptious lunch of good ole' American burgers and fries + chit chatting.

We went and explored Vermillion which is right on the edge of Lake Erie and SO beautiful. It's been awhile since I've been near water and sand, and it truly felt like summer sinking my toes into the sand and pretending I was from the famous Notebook scene- 'If you're a bird, I'm a bird.'

After the lake we went exploring downtown amongst pretty flowers and brick lined sidewalks. We went into an Alpaca store and it was erm...interesting! What really caught my fancy was the delicious chocolate store next door that had every kind of sweet you could imagine. I managed to dole out a bit of money for a salted carmel chocolate and bought the girls both a buckeye.

It's weird to think but they (and you all!) don't know what Buckeyes are. Ohio is called 'the buckeye state' because of how many buckeyes we have. They're nuts that grow commonly in trees. Buckeye candies are super popular around here and one of my favorite treats. They look like the nut, but are chocolate and filled with peanut butter. I think the girls liked them well enough ;)

We sat in a pretty gazebo and chatted as multiple trains rushed by...it certainly frightened me because the train tracks in my town are all abandoned (and good thing since I'm always taking pictures there).

To end the heavenly afternoon we went to the ice cream shop that was actually...a...funeral parlor previously! I thought the name 'ice creamatorium' was rather clever, ha. I had seriously the most delicious cup of red velvet ice cream I have ever tasted and left feeling half sick but certainty more than content.

I don't know...I'm just never really happy. But today I was. These girls, even though they're 14 (gosh I feel so old!) were so sweet, so honest, and so real...I don't know, it gave me hope for so many things. That I'm not going to end up being alone and a crazy cat lady. That someday (when I go to Kent, hopefully) I will have friends.

I left the girls with tears in my eyes as corny as it sounds. I just can't explain how appreciative I am of them. Of all of you. Of everything I have. Riding home I reflected how much blogging has changed my life and certainty for the better. It's just been this surreal experience...

Both Hannah and Krissy are Youtubers and filmed portions of our day. If you'd like to see my good old awkward self talk and some rather incriminating pictures of me in an Alpaca hat, I'll make sure to post the link to the video when it's up!

Hope you all had as lovely a day as I did...

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. You're probably wondering what the bear and the hat snippet pictures are. Sweet gifts from Hannah's family...they were all too kind to me! x


abigail grace said...

I loved all the pictures! The sweet treats look delicious! I'm glad you had an amazing time. :)

Unknown said...

What adorable pictures! I live not too far from Shippensburg! You need to come visit PA soon, chica! The thrifting here is pretty awesome. :P

I actually do know what buckeyes are; they have them up at school, but they make them a little bit different; they are peanut butter balls coated in chocolate. Gosh are they good, but really sweet. :)


shay said...

Wow! These are great photos. It looks like a blast, glad you had fun xx
a thousand million words

Unknown said...

I love buckeyes! They are amazing. :-) looks like you three had a lovely visit...love all the photos!

Rachael Alsbury @ From Faye said...

Sounds like an lovely afternoon! You look fabulous. Rachael @ www.frugalfaye.com

Maria said...

Oh, how gorgeous this post is! I so badly wish I could meet up with you :)
The girls are both utterly gorgeous and I can't wait to see the videos from the day.
xx Maria

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

You're 18 right? I guess at 18, yes 14 is much younger in many ways. As you get older, you care less and less about age gaps as you make friends. Perhaps at your age you find me, who is 28 to be pretty old in comparison. I have friends in their early to mid twenties and we get along very well, and I also always got along with people who were a few decades older than I. . . so in time, perhaps once those girls turn about 18 themselves, they won't seem as young to you any longer. hehe. Meeting people online can sometimes take a lot of nerves but other times it is so exciting and fun!!! I've met a lot of people through the internet, though none of them were bloggers or anything, but I'd love to meet some one day. My two closest friends ever are ones I met through the internet about 8-10 years ago now.
The photos from your time are so nice. That is so odd that it was a funeral parlor once!
Have an amazing rest of the summer before college!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Those twisty suckers! I used to beg and beg my mom for one of those when I was a kid and I never did get one. I will have to treat myself one of these days. :)


Nerd Burger said...

Looks like you had a super rad time. That icecream looked really yummy :)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

This looks wonderful! And those ice cream cones, wow!


Teddi said...

oh, what fun photos, & cute outfits! looks like such a grand time. :)

Kezzie said...

It looks such fun! I've never met a blogger I didn't already know (almost met some at the vintage shindig I went to recently but that it was a different day we went on!)
The friend thing? I am 31 and I spent the last 10 days at Music camp hanging out with friends of all ages, all quite happy, some 14, some 20, some 35, some 42, some 60 of, and even a 70 year old! I love them all equally! It's lovely you had a great time! Age is but a number as you say!

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