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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Closing Time.

Nude Chiffon Maxi Skirt, Red Striped T, Straw Fedora: Thrifted.
Red Gavina Heels: Blowfish Shoes.
Gold Binocular Necklace: Giveaway win.
Red Bow Belt: c/o OASAP.

I've been scared lately. Scared of what's going to come sooner than I expect this next month. I'm going to be moving away, living by myself, going to college. I think sometimes you fantasize about something for so long but don't really grasp the concept of what that something actually means.

I thought college meant a chance at freedom, a chance to be me, a chance to meet friends, a chance to study what I want. It certaintly does mean all those things, but not without hardship and bumps along the way. In high school I just thought that as soon as I would walk into college, I would love it and it would be the perfect life I've always dreamed of. I didn't think I would be nervous, I didn't think I would be scared, and I certaitnly didn't think it would difficult.

I realize now though with my summer coming to a close that all of this is a reality. It's not some fantasy world I've built up in my head. This reality is scary and real. I received my housing information the other day. What building I'm in, what room, my exact mailing address...I won't live 'here' anymore. I'll live at Kent State University. Tomorrow I'm going shopping for dorm items...something I haven't even begun to fathom. That I need a whole new set of everything for my 'other life.'

I'm just scared.

With much love, Lauren.


Sara said...

Don't worry, i'm sure you'll be okay lauren your stronger than you think :) and btw your outfit is to die for!

Hannah said...

I often feel the same fears about moving to London (though that's still a while away). I think it's normal. Reality is scary, but it's beautiful and amazing. I'm sure when you get there it'll be great and not as scary as you think it'll be.

Also, that skirt looks ah-mazing on you and I almost bought a necklace exactly like that. :)

The Hopewell House said...

I simply adore this outfit and the belt is incredible! LOVE IT!

Lauren said...

Haha don't worry, I know exactly how you feel. One moment I'm ready to just jump on the plane and get there already; the next moment I want to stay here forever and ever. Such a strange mix of emotions ... but you aren't alone. :)

Unknown said...

This is such an adorable outfit, so summer-y and fun.

I know how you feel, because college can be super scary before you start. Just don't psyche yourself out, because I know that you can do this.


niknok said...

So prety! Love the skirt and shoes! :)
The Niknok


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

Honestly it is pretty scary the first time you move away. But it is also great. Just take advantage of it! On the other note, I love your hair like that. Lose pretty waves look amazing on you!


Charmaine said...

I love your make-up here, Lauren! So fresh!

Charmaine said...

Also, I feel you, girl! I am moving away soon too, so I know exactly how you are feeling! I've lived away before, but I am moving away For Good, and to a different country. It's always a bit scary even when it is exciting!

Georgia said...

Gorgeous!! That belt really suits you:)


OrigamiGirl said...

It is scary and it will be scary at first as well. It is all new and perhaps a kind of mini-culture shock. But then it will be your place with freedom and friends and passionate learning.
I am sure you will have a great time once you settle in!

Anonymous said...

Don't be scared, it is change, but you will get used to it. I was also afraid of going on the university, but everything was all right. It is just next step in life for you, trust God that he will take care of you and think about positive things that this change brings. I believe that you will overrule your fear soon! :)

Megan Elizabeth said...

I remember feeling the same way when I got my housing information in the mail the summer prior to my first year of college (ten long years ago, eep!). Your honesty and openness is beautiful. Enjoy the journey!

Unknown said...

Change can always bee a little scary! But things usually work out just fine, you just have to give yourself time to adjust! <3 lovely outfit as always. You are my most favorite fashion blogger ever ^_^

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

You will be amazing Lauren! Moving away is an exciting adventure which I've not had the chance to go on yet! But you will be absolutely amazing!!!
And who doesn't love interior decor shopping? Its one of my favs to decorate rooms!!!
ALSO I love this outfit. You always come up with such beautiful ones and its always so inspiring to me :)
-Britney of Lemonwood and Honey

Alyssa said...

I felt just like you are weeks prior my starting college. But as my english teacher in 12th grade said,
"Think of college as a ticket to live anywhere you'd like for the next 4 years."

You'll love it, I'm sure.
Best wishes,

Adriana said...

gorgeous outfit, love your skirt!


katie said...

*le sigh!* I love this look. The red striped top, the red bow belt, that beautiful maxi skirt and of course, your pretty new shoes! what's not to love about this! (A maxi blush skirt so is one my list of things to find.)
Collage is pretty scary at first, but it is so much more fun and easier than high school. (Even the school work seemed like it was easier, but I guess that was thanks to having longer classes, so easier to learn.) Im sure you're really going to enjoy it once you settle in. :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

College is a scary place. . .maybe that's part of why I didn't go. haha. No, really though, I don't blame you for being nervous and scared. You will be wonderful though!!!! I really adore this outfit!!!!!!

Wild Flower said...

You look so stunning Lauren, i love the whole Parisian vibe :) And those shoes, just amazing girl, loooove red shoes. Have fun looking for dorm stuff, college is such an amazing experience I know you will find love and happiness, not just from others, but from within also!


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