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Monday, July 9, 2012

Prima Ballerina.

Light Pink Blouse, Cream Socks: Forever21.
Straw Wedges: Lulu's.
Straw Clutch: Thrifted,
Chiffon Nude Skirt: c/o OASAP.
Hair Bow: Modcloth.

Hello everyone!
I've been just dying to get out of my boring work uniform and into an utterly sickeningly girly outfit. Sigh, just my favorite!What's more girly than socks, light nudes, and a hair bow...Nothing

Speaking of work though, I completely forgot to mention in my last post the most horrifying experience I had at work the other day. Long time followers of my blog know my struggle with OCD and my extreme fear of throwing up. I am on medication to handle my anxiety for it, but occasionally I'm faced with a situation I simply can't avoid. On Thursday four different customers threw up at work. I was so incredibly upset. I could have just handled it happening once, able to calm myself down, but it just kept happening again and again, re-triggering my fears. It wasn't from the food, but because it was dreadfully hot that day for Ohio and making people sick. I went to the storage room, crying my eyes out because I couldn't control how upset I was. I know being scared of someone throwing up is one of the silliest things in the world, but I just can't help myself... It was embarrassing enough to cry in front of the managers and not be able to do my job to the best of my ability, but it was definitely a strengthening experience for me. I handled it a lot better than I would have a few years ago.

Anywho, I got this skirt from OASAP a few days ago in the mail and was really excited to have a neutral skirt. As you all know, I've received two things from them previously with mixed reviews. The bow belt I got was superb, and the red suede heels I got a disaster. And what do I think of this skirt...? Hmm...definitely not as good of quality as I would have liked. It's super wrinkled and when I got it caught on my camera case velcro it snagged. Not to mention the fabric was so see through even when I wore nude underwear. Another thing I found odd is that when ordering it, the garment was one size fits all. I received it and was shocked at how short it was and I have no idea how a tall person would wear this. I'm 5'3 and it was the shortest thing I've ever worn!

Anywho, I hope to see you all tomorrow and be back with another outfit post before I have to work five more days in a row! x

With much love, Lauren.


Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

oooo this is just the most lovely skirt ever! this outfit is so refreshingly lovely it hurts! so girly and feminine. you nailed it girl!
that is horrible about your work. seeing anyone throw up would make me want to throw up too...eck.

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Mihaela said...

Hang in there, Lauren! The heat wave is terrible in my area too!

Beautiful outfit! I think I'm in a girly mood also. :)

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

I love this outfit. So pretty! I love the nude lipstick.

Teddi said...

lauren what a dainty & beautiful outfit. i thought you were gonna say people threw up near or on you, & you had to clean it up. i hope you're ok.

Eva said...

Your outfit is amazing! I love the wedges and top! And your cat eye eyeliner is amazing and perfect! I'm sorry that happened at work! I have some of the stupidest fears though, so don't feel embarrassed.

Love your blog!
xx Eva

Killy Vincent said...

Hi I love the outfit and would love to be interviewed on your blog! I'm looking for more followers and would love it if you checked out my fashion blog

Georgia said...

I love the outfit, thanks for the review of the Oasap shoes, I was considering buying myself a pair of floral wedges off their website!!


Cindi said...

I remember a post you made a while back, where you told us about having a really bad day because you saw your little sister being sick. It seems like you handled it better this time, so who knows, maybe it's one of those tough things that will develop with experience? I mean like you need to fall a hundred painful times before you learn how to ride a bike. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)



K. said...

Aww Lauren you look so cute!
What a beautiful bow! Love your hairstyle!

Sasha said...

Oh, look at you! Such a cute girlie! ;)

Celia said...

Utterly enchanting.

audrey said...

love the outfit just a bit short. In Belgium the weather suck! It's cold, rainy nothing like summer :(

Love, Audrey

Lilianajcardoso said...

The dress is cute but what I really like is that sweet bow in your hair.



Sara said...

I love the dainty, dusty pink against the lush green background.

katie said...

Well, first off, I loooove this look, blush colors are some of my very favorit and I love a great, floatly skirt! However, Im so glad you did a review on this skirt, I'd been looking at it online, but I just couldnt figure out if it would be on the short size. (The one-size fits all really threw me.) now that I see it, I dont think I'll get it, namely becuase I really hate having to wear slips under sheer and short skirts! (I'm an inch shorter than you and I so agree! If stuff like this is so short on us, it must be awful if you're taller!)
How awful to hear about your bad day, but it does sound like you're starting to handle this better! (Just from looking back over your posts, you seem like you're really taking control of your OC, so kudos to you for that, way to stay strong.)

katie said...

*sigh* so sorry about all of the spelling and basic english mistakes, I was typing waaaay too fast!

A Certain Vintage said...

sorry you had such a stressful week :( i think it's great that you talk openly about it on your blog though :)
You look adorable, the socks are such a cute detail and your skin is flawless. I could never do this close up a photo of my face or I'd scare readers away! Really beautiful photography as always xox

Marise said...

That is Oasap just being Oasap. Almost and the clothes I got from there are too short to wear. They are great for chinese tiny girls but not for people like us! Either way, the skirt looks gorgeous on you and you look just like a darling doll <3

Midwest Muse said...

This color is so wonderful on you. I'm in love!

overthinker said...

im in love with your blog and you re so pretty !


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