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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Funky Town.

Orange Cape Coat: Forever21.
Brown Ruffled Blouse, Floppy Hat: Thrifted.
Wide Legged Jeans: Aero (super old, don't judge me).
Clog Heels: Target.
Nail polish in Revlon 'Blue Lagoon.'

Hello everyone and happy February to you all!
This outfit was actually from a few days ago obviously because of all of the snow! It was another beautiful day out today with the sun shining and all of the snow melted. I wish it would stay this way forever!

I wanted to do a very 1970's inspired outfit for once which is something I usually don't do. The first time I wore this jacket I actually wore it as a cape, and the neat thing about it is the sleeves actually button to make it a little coat. It's a two in one piece; too cool, right!? Also, I've had these jeans seriously forever... They're the only pair of pants I own that aren't jeggings! I've had them since the seventh grade and can't seem to part with them for some reason... Hmm, not quite sure why because all they do is make my already short legs look shorter!

Anyways, on another side note I filled out my housing application for Kent today! Gahhh, so exciting and scary at the same time. Everything becomes so much more real everyday- especially taking this step. I'm just really scared though that I won't find anyone that's like me enough to match up with. Kent sets up this 'roommate synch' account for students to make out something like a dating profile, but instead of finding a significant other it helps you find a roommate with similar interests. I filled out my 'about me' which was about ten times longer than anyone else's I looked at. It just scares me that everyone who looks at my profile will want to be roommates with me and think of me as too weird or odd. Or I feel like maybe the things I put down were too specific and it will scare people off... Ugh. I just wish that I could have all of you be my roommates for college because I know that you all are so similar to me in many aspects...other people I'm not sure quite so much, heh. Definitely scary to think about, but I have four months to find a roommate so I need to stop worrying!

Hope you all are doing well
With much love, Lauren.


Shady Del Knight said...

You should stop thinking of yourself as weird and odd, Lauren. You're an individual and a very likable one.

Sara said...

adorable outfit! good luck with your future roommate! hopefully she'll be just as sweet as you :)


Katie Burry said...

What a pretty outfit! I love dabbling in 70's outfits sometimes, myself. I love your sandals. I have the same pair but I've worn them so much they're falling apart! Eep! I ned new ones!

Also, how have I not been to your blog in so long?? I need to start dropping by way more often. <3

JGO said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!!!Love your outfit.Those jeans look perfect, you can wear them very well. Listen, I am super excited for you and you going off to Kent. I am sure you are going to be paired with someone just as nice as you are.

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

This is a very cool outfit, I love the cape/jacket. I've been reading your blog for a while and I really like it, and then I read the interview you did on Little Gold Pocket Watch and heard that you were going to study Fashion Marketing, which I wish you bundles of luck for. I'm sure you will make a really positive impact on the fashion industry and hope you have a fabulous time.
xx Jane

katie said...

That is SUCH a nifty coat/cape! I'm in love with the color and I really like that it works as a coat and a cape. (That was good designing on someone's part.)

It's so cute to see you do something different, the seventies argree with you. The nail polish really pops out, very cute.

Sian Thomas said...

That's really interesting that they do that roommate synch, I've never heard of that before! I hope it all works out well for you, I'm sure you'll be fine!! And remember that your roommate isn't the only person you can make friends with =) I had an awful first year because my flat only had 3 of us in, and the other two girls had arrived before me, already made friends and didn't want a new one, so I was immediately the odd one out: they really didn't like me because they liked to go out and get drunk and I just, well, didn't. But on the other hand, I had some lovely people on my course who were a lot more like me, and there are also societies where you can meet people. College/uni is so different to school, everyone wants to make friends, so I'm sure you'll be fine =)

the funky fashionista said...

I love how you got your outfit inspiration from the 70s! Your platforms and flared jeans are cute! I also like your nail polish.

I don't think that you should worry about the roommate situation. I'm sure everything will work out and you'll have a super-cool roommate!


Unknown said...

Good luck on the room mate !! Don't think you are weird, you are unique and awesome!! :) life would be crazy boring if everyone was too much alike.

I like your jacket/cape so much!! It really is darling!! :)

Zane said...

great jacket and amazing blouse

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