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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday on a Wednesday.

Pink Sweater, Earrings, Black Purse: Thrifted.
Black Jeggings: Forever21.
Leopard Flats, Leopard Scarf: Target.
Cream Hair Bow: Modcloth.
Pearl Ring: Gift.

Hello everyone!
For some reason I get asked a lot what I wear on the weekends or what I wear on my 'lazy' days. Well I can definitely promise you that I don't wear 50's tea party dresses everyday! Ahh no, this outfit is an accurate depiction of what I usually look like on the weekends. Comfy grandma sweatshirt, comfy jeggings, comfy flats, and a comfy scarf. Oh and don't forget a messy bun or pony tail to complete my i'm-too-lazy-to-put-any-effort-into-this-outfit-today look. Essential, of course!

Usually I don't wear looks like this to school, but it was supposed to be really yucky, cold, and rainy today so I changed my outfit into something more suitable for the weather. Well, the key word is that it was supposed to be yucky out. It never happened. It was actually really beautiful, sunny, and 50 degrees out. Well Ohio, you win! You got me again...

Anywho, hope you all are doing lovely

With much love, Lauren.


Mila said...

Oh my goodness, how do you manage to look so completely adorable, even on your "lazy" days?! When you talked about how lazy your Sunday outfits were, I was expecting full-out sweats, ponytail, and everything! Well you look absolutely adorable, I wish I had the motivation to dress that nicely on my "lazy" days as well, hehe. :)


Marie said...

Lovely pearl ring!
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

Unknown said...

You look so cute and cozy in that pink sweater. This outfit is accessorized so nicely! It makes me want to wear a big bow in my hair.

Maria said...

You look stunning - even in relaxing attire! I love your cosy pink knit, it's perfect for snuggling up with a book on the couch :)
By the way Lauren! You also won Teen Vogues look of the day!! Oh my gosh, so excited for you :)
You can see it here: http://www.teenvogue.com/style/blogs/fashion/2012/02/fashion-click-of-the-day-for-lauren-pfieffer-spring-has-already-sprung.html

You look so stunning! xo

Sarah said...

Great outfit, you look amazing in it!! I've tagged you over a at my blog The Home Front if you want to check it out :)
Have a awesome day!
Sarah (South Africa)

Sarah said...

Great outfit, you look amazing in it!! I've tagged you over a at my blog The Home Front if you want to check it out :)
Have a awesome day!
Sarah (South Africa)

aki! said...

You put the rest of us to shame if you accessorize this much on your off days!

But I absolutely love this because it's what I do too. Comfort to the max.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!!! You call this a lazy day?! Love the colour of the sweater, it's lovely.
xx Jane

Kezzie said...

Lovely snuggly peachy sweater! Really like!
The weather here was glorious today! I was perfectly dressed for it in summery midi dress and cardie!

gee said...

pretty in pink!
love this outfit..that sweater looks all kinds of cozy.
i have been really drawn to oversized sweater when thrift hunting. great find.
you look absolulty lovely.

Zane said...

you look just adorable here

Wild Flower said...

Very cute and cozy, normally weekends for me are sweatpants and a book all day! hehe. I love the bow in your hair too!


Beth said...

Oh my goodness gracious! This outfit is darling on you. :) So cute. And who can say "no" to pink? ;)

Unknown said...

You look great and comfy! I love your blog, by the way. Its absolutely adorable! :)


Marisa Noelle said...

Ah, I love this look Lauren! This is my dressing too on the weekends as of late. A big cozy sweater is all I really want right now. The pink and leopard and that little hair bow are all just so darling together. Congrats on the teen vogue feature. Happy weekend! xx Marisa

Midwest Muse said...

I absolutely love this. You don't look lazy at all and if more girls looked this good being lazy, the world would be beautiful. I love the pink with leopard. It's so surprising and perfect.

Teddi said...

girly pink sweetness from your bow to your sweater, with a sprinkle of leopard. trying to anticipate the weather is a war I can't seem to win, either.

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