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Friday, February 3, 2012

Drawn II.

Hello everyone!
I am so incredibly flattered to have been draw four times by one of my lovely readers, Tatiana Martynova! Goodness, when she sent me the second image above to my email a few days ago I was totally flabbergasted by how wonderful it was... She got so many intricate details and drew me so accurately! Not to mention she told me it was only a five minute sketch; totally crazy... Tatiana sent me three more pictures then she drew of me and I am in total awe and so thankful. Being draw by a reader is honestly the most flattering thing ever! Thank you so much Tatiana

See you all tomorrow!
With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

Wow she captured you amazingly! And in five minutes? Mind blowing.

Thank you so much for your comment Lauren, I will feel much more confident now when taking photos. You on the other hand take the most beautiful outside shots I have seen!

xx Carina

Shady Del Knight said...

I can see why you feel flattered, Lauren. These are incredibly good!

Mila said...

These are incredible! They portray you as almost as beautiful as you really are. I can't believe they were done in 5 minutes--that's amazing. I love seeing these drawings, they're so interesting and beautiful.


Katie Burry said...

Aw! What pretty drawings! <3

fashionhypnotised said...

Absolutely amazing looks and drawings! Love this post!
Fashionhypnotised girl

Unknown said...

How gorgeous! She is a very talented lady :)

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

Jana K said...

Wow, she is talented. These drawings are marvelous!

Tilly said...

Wow these are beautiful! She captured your beauty so well O_O ! I especially love the detailing in your eyes in the irst one <3 <3 <3

Dreamy post as always! xxxxx

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