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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mod Fox.

Hello sweet ladies and gents!
One of my absolute biggest blog crushes, Michelle of Mod Fox, kindly asked me if I wanted to do a guest post for her...of course I died and went to heaven! It was such an unbelievable honor for me to fill in for Michelle's lovely blog for a day, so drop on by her little slice of 1960's paradise and check out the rest of this Parisian inspired outfit!

With much love, Lauren.


Kezzie said...

Hey lovely! Hee hee, I am wearing a red beret in my current post also!!!
A very cute outfit!

Jana K said...

Lovely post, Lauren! I actually almost bought that dress you were wearing. But I'm saving my pennies at the moment and that means no clothes shopping, haha :)


Michelle Elizabeth said...

Yay! Thanks Lauren!

Charmaine said...

Cute! Reminds me of Easter.

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