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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Was For The Worst Is Now For The Best.

Ruffle Dress: Modcloth
Black Blazer: Forever21.
Black & White Ballet Flats: Charlotte Russe.
Black Beret: Target.
Pendant Necklace: Thrifted.

Have any of you ever had a particular event happen in your life that was a...a changing point? About six months ago I had an event happen to me that was as unexpected as could be and it shook my world. The event was not a good one to say the least, and left me with my broken heart in my hands. I cried a lot and I asked the question why, why, oh why like a broken record in my head. I didn't understand why it had to happen, and I didn't understand what went wrong. I prayed to God for Him to turn it around and make me whole again, but for months upon months I suffered...

But today for some reason I woke up and it didn't hurt so much anymore. The dull, lonely, pain wasn't completely gone, but it was subdued. I  had a revalation and realized that life does go on, and what seems like for the worst at one particular moment in time, will be the for the best at another time in the future. Even though the event seemed like it was for the worst, I can say it's turned out for the better. I was confused why God wouldn't help me and answer my prayers months ago, but now I understand. He was helping me all along to heal myself because he knew I was better off than where I was before. Sometimes the road to healing is long, tiring, and complicated... But in the end it's always worth it.

With much love, Lauren.


Rachel said...

He always has a plan! This necklace is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous!

Rachel said...

This almost made me cry. God is always caring for us. Even we don't understand at all. I'm happy you're feeling better. Thank you for sharing all of this. I love this look. You have such an elegance about you and I love that.

<3 Rachel
dress ups and mess ups

Stacey Kay said...

I love this dress on you. That necklace is so fab. You're getting really good with your camera btw!

Goodwill Huntingg

Charlotte Cantillon (Crowley) said...

First of all, love the outfit, especially the blazer.
And in response to your question, yes. 2 months ago, to the day actually, my wonderful, amazing, perfect boyfriend broke up with me. It rocked me to my core. I never thought I'd be able to feel happy ever again.
But yesterday I woke up and for the first time I felt different. I'm sure there will still be wobbles, but I'm getting there.
I still haven't really accepted that it was for the best yet, but I know it was (he's American and I met him while I studied abroad, but I've been back in the UK for 4 month now and long distance is hard) and I know I'll come to that realization soon.
I really hope you continue to feel better and get on with your life. Stay strong.

Charlotte x

Jul said...

I don't know what happened to you, but I'm glad that sufference is going away...I'm sure that you'll feel so much better at the end of the "road".
You look beautiful btw, so classy! Your flats are so lovely and have a chic french vibe :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, I know what you mean, exactly! I'm still struggling to come through...over two years later! There is still something in me that holds on. I sometimes wish I had your faith in God...I am not religious, and sometimes I feel that leaves me on my own. I'm glad you are on the way to feeling better :)

On an different note....love this outfit :)

EmilyCinnamon said...

God always knows what he's doing and everything he does makes you stronger. It may not seem like it, but trust me, it always turns around.:) On a brighter outlook, I love your dress! The ruffles on it seem like it was just made for you. Looking beautiful as usual!:) <3

Sampada said...

I'm glad that you feel much better now! Things do happen for a reason,and who knows, maybe this change is the start of many good things to come!

You look great by the way, love the beret and the blazer!


OrigamiGirl said...

I know the feeling. Thanks for your comment on my last post. I ask why a lot. I would understand if it was one thing but there do seem to be so many things going wrong it doesn't seem fair but then: "You say that so often I wonder what your basis for comparison is" and I try not to be the annoying girl in Labyrinth. :)
I'm glad things are getting better for you. Also you look pretty sexy in that outfit.

Gaby said...

First of all I love the dress!! And to answer your question yes. There's been events in my life that completely changed my life. I was living the perfect life and was forced to leave it all behind in less than a week half way through the school year due to family issues. Was I miserable the first months? Yes, I cried a lot but as time went on I moved on with my life and I was able to experience many different things. This event like you made me realize that you can turn the worst event into the best. You wouldn't be who you are today if you hadn't had to go through that. I just came across your blog and I'm so glad to found you! Your style and writing is extremely interesting. So I'm following you now :)
- Gaby

From Rags to Glam

Hannah said...

Firstly, you look amazing, as usual. Second, I can relate. I guy 'dated' me (why people date at my age is beyond me) then 'broke up' with me. He's now my best friend. Sometimes with a tragedy, you can build some beautiful things out of the rubble.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, These pictures are breathe taking Lauren. Im glad you have overcome the lonely feeling :)

Amber Schmidt said...

You enchant me.

Mary's Daydream said...

Love the outfit, you look great!

And what you said is so true. "We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him" (Rom 8:28) even if sometimes it doesn't seem like it, he's always doing what's best for us.


Bree said...
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Unknown said...

You look so pretty in that adorable tiered dress! The blazer looks amazing with it.

Laura said...

I love this outfit! I now want to go out and buy a beret.


In Kinsey's Closet said...

I'm loving this look! The dress and beret are so adorable! I have pretty similar shoes as well. You look great!

Alexandra said...

I love that thrifted necklace!! Your blog is so great and you always have the best thrifted items!!


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