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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disposable Friend.

Red Polka Dot Dress: Modcloth.
Cream Sweater: Thrifted.
Red Beret: Target.
Glitter Stilettos: Deb's.

I think the worst feeling is realizing that someone made and impact on your life, but you had no impact on theirs. That the person you always thought they were, was the complete opposite of who they really are. The fact that you were used and thrown away like a dirty piece of trash, forgotten and not given a second glance by them. Knowing that they moved on and you're still stuck in the exact.same.spot you were before.

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

I wanted to buy this dress! Haha. I have seriously considered buying it before. But I really love this look! I'm not too crazy about the shoes, but I loooovveee everything else. (=

ChelsCheesecake said...

I am OBSESSED with this dress! It's absolutely adorable! Especially on you!
I've been there girl, it doesn't get any easier everytime it happens. I know that's not too comforting, but it's the truth!


Wild Flower said...

Oh Lauren, you lucky girl! I have been eyeing this dress forever. It looks so adorable on you, and now I want it even more. Ugh to being broke. And please cheer up miss, you can't be sad you when you look that great <3


Maria Elyse said...

I allllllmost bought that dress from ModCloth when it was on sale! You look so lovely you make me wish I had bought it!

Aww, I'm sorry, love. I know how hard that can be. {hugs}

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Anonymous said...

That dress is GORGEOUS!!! You look fantastic.

Hope tomorrow brings a brighter day :)

Unknown said...

That red dress looks amazing on you! I love the cutout in the front. It's just so cute! The red beret is perfect with it.

Sorry to hear about your friend trouble. Things will look up soon, I'm sure!

Stacey Kay said...

That dress is AMAZING! Red is REALLY your color.

Goodwill Huntingg

Anonymous said...

That dress is lovely!! :) And keep smiling...it'll only make you stronger!!

Jul said...

This happens to me all the time. People can disappoint you in many ways...but luckily we all find someone that doesn't disappoint up in our lives.
You look absolutely amazing :) that dress is so cute and suits you so well!!
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Midwest Muse said...

Oh darling, this dress is adorable and I totally need to borrow it! This post is sad, I hope what ever is happening fades and you're smiling again soon.

xoxo, jessica

Jana K said...

What a darling outfit. Red is such a great color, and it looks fantastic on you. The hat makes it look even cuter ;)

aki! said...

I don't know if it's possible not to make an impact on someone. Everyone is different so even if the impact is minute, it's still there.

Anonymous said...

We hope you feel better, darling. You look adorable in your polka dot dress, and we hope your day gets brighter!


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!

I've been that friend too. People throw you out and pick you back up when it's convenient. nice. . okay not at all. You're a treasure!

Anonymous said...

The cut of this dress is so unique. I love it.

Sorry about your friend. It is sad to feel that way. I had a friend like that in highschool and just had to distance myself from her.

<3 Rachel

Charlotte Cantillon (Crowley) said...

I hope you're okay Lauren. You look absolutely stunning in these photos though. That dress is absolutely beautiful and it works so well with the rest of your outfit!!

Charlotte x

Unknown said...

So sweet and you are so very versatile!
From sexy screen siren to hot office girl and today, cutie-patootie!
OK, I must tell you how beautiful u r!!!!!!!!!
(the sox and pumps make the look all grown up!)
Keep piling on the photos! Love em'!

EmilyCinnamon said...

Adorable look! I love the dress. Actually, scratch that. I love the entire outfit! And in the field, you totally look like you belong in Iowa.:) Keep looking gorgeous! And I totally know that feeling, hang in there! There are almost 7 billion people on Earth, I bet most of them wouldn't treat you like that. <3

Kezzie said...

It's a very pretty look! I do like the way you place berets on your head- I never get it quite right even though I've been wearing berets as a choice since I was 6!
That's a really sad sentiment but you have to hope and trust that someone, in some way, you have made an impact that may be registered down the line, God works in mysterious ways!

Loretta said...

aw, you look gorgeous! and your outfit is lovely. x


Unknown said...

i love your dress!! this whole outfit is gorgeous <3


Unknown said...

adorable dress! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

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