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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Prima Ballerina.

Lace & Tulle Dress: Modcloth.
Soft Pink Cardigan: Thrifted.
Pink Bow Headband, Pocket watch Necklace, Cream Socks: Forever21.
Tan Clogs: Target.

Probably one of my favorite photo sets to date!

...And I'm guest posting today over at my lovely fellow Ohio ladies' blog Dresses for Dinner :) Jessica and Anna have the cutest styles, and not to mention the sweetest personalities of all anyone I've ever met! Pop on over if you'd like to hear what else I have to say about this outfit

With much love, Lauren.


Wild Flower said...

Very pretty and romantic! I'm so glad you picked out this dress, I have one similar that's why I didn't get it off the sale, but I wanted to, badly! It's so beautiful. I love those heels too :)


Bramblewood Fashion said...

Oh my! This outfit is adorable!!

The Semi Sweet said...

You are looking like a pretty woodland fairy!! I love the dress!

Anonymous said...

This whole outfit is SO pretty, you do look like a ballerina! Your pictures and your blog are gorgeous, just like you!

Unknown said...

You look so lovely and feminine in this outfit! That dress looks really nice and flowy too. I love the bow in your hair and the little socks you wore too. A perfect look!

Jul said...

You're so pretty, every time you manage to astonish me with your lovely outfits :) I'm loving the ballerina vibe, that dress is amazing and I also like the bow, so cute!


Midwest Muse said...

You are so lovely! I just posted the post early because it's so pretty! Seriously. Style me one day!!


EmilyCinnamon said...

That color looks beautiful on you! I love the tulle and the necklace. The photoshoot in the forest for this was one of my favorites too!<3

Unknown said...

So cute! Such a pretty dress and necklace too :)

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

Kezzie said...

Beaaaaaaaaautiful! I just love the ballet look! One of my best purchases ever was a SJP-style pink tulle ballet skirt in the ASOS sale some years ago! Classic!
I almost bought that necklace in Forever 21 last Friday!

April said...

Such a sweet outfit!!

Elyse (Give Me Bows) said...

I adore embellished cardigans, what a super thrift score! You look absolutely beautiful <3

Anonymous said...

This outfit is so amazing on you and I really love how soft and sweet it is. Be careful to not chase rabbits into any rabbit holes!!!

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