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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Biggest News EVER For Someone Like You!










Hello everyone!
So, for the last week or so I've been keep a huge secret from you all, and could not wait to finally do a post on it today! What is all of this hoopla about you may ask? Well, here's the scoop...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the hair care company Misikko, where they kindly asked me if I wanted to do a review on one of their products. Umm, of course I said yes! The people were so incredibly nice and shipped out for me their best product: the HANA Air Professional Premiere Hair Dryer. I received my package in just two days which was so remarkable and I was incredibly impressed! I expected to just open the hefty box the UPS man gave to me and find a beautiful, Italian design hair dryer, but I was absolutely shocked to find so many more wonderful items: and beautifully packaged to boot!

In the package I received:
1. The HANA air dryer.
2. A Flat Iron case (insulated on the inside).
3. A flat iron heating pad.
4. A ten dollar gift card to the store.
5. Paul Mitchell heat protectant shampoo.
6. Two bottles of HANA leave in conditioner protectant spray.
7. Six HANA nail files, and two bottles of scented hand sanitizer.
8. A silk sleeping mask, scented roses, a comb, and an adorable stuffed monkey!
All of the smaller items were packaged in the beautiful silk, string tied bags that are pictured above.

To say I was excited upon receiving this package is such an understatement. I literally started to cry because never in a million years did I think that something so incredible would happen to me... Never did I think I would receive any product from a company to write a review on, let alone something as beautiful as the people from Misikko sent me. I'm still thanking God for this wonderful opportunity! So how did the dryer work for me? Well, Read my list of pros and cons below to find out!

1. Here's just a few quick facts about the HANA dryer that are the reason it's the best dryer out there: it has the most advanced infared ionic heat that prevents static electricity, it's environmentally safe, the motor life is the longest in the industry, and it also adds antibacterial ions and shine to your hair when blow drying.
2. Unlike the heavy and awkward hair dryer that my family owns, the HANA air dryer was so light despite the Italian Design that makes it look heavy. My arm didn't get tired the least bit, and the cord for the dryer is super long so you can take it pretty much anywhere! Oh, and did I mentioned I was so surprised by how quiet it was? You can't say that about most dryers!
3. It took me awhile to get used to, but there are all sorts of customizable settings on the dyer that make it unique for all types of hair. There are two settings for cool air, and three settings for hot air. There's also a button to push for a shot of cool air if you need it! It's so easy to get exactly what you want...
4. With my old hair dryer, the heat that it blew was just unbearably hot (even on the lowest setting!), and I had to often stop so that I could give my burning head a rest. With the highest setting on the HANA air dryer, I wasn't even breaking the least bit of sweat, nor feeling hot at all which is something I never dreamed could happen with an air dryer!
5. I have some of the thickest hair EVER that is also naturally very wavy. It's very prone to frizz, and especially more so in the summer time. I actually don't use hair dyers because all of my experiences with them in the past have not been good ones (Think nothing short of a giant 70's afro with dreadlocks. I'm not kidding). So, I must admit I was nervous at first using the HANA, but it proved me wrong. I blow dried my very thick hair in about 12 minutes versus the 25 minutes it took before hand. And the best part? No frizz. Just shine and sleekness.
6. As I said above, I have very wavy hair but the HANA totally blow dried my hair completely straight. If you don't have any wave at all, I can't imagine how straight it would blow dry your hair! This dryer totally whips my straightener out of the field.

 1. This dryer is a professional hair dryer and is much better quality than any dryer you could ever buy at the store. With that being said, a high quality hair dyer means it is a high price. The HANA runs for $314.99, and is currently on sale for $194.99. It may be a little expensive for some budgets out there, but it's a great investment for your hair and you won't have to keep going back and buying other so-so hair dryers that will fry your hair and eventually break. This dryer may be pricey, but it's well worth the money!
Misikko also sells all sorts of other hair products, ceramic flat irons, curling irons, ion hair dryers, the best professional hair dyers, and even makeup and skin products! There's so much on there site for people with all hair types, and it's so hard to not want to buy everything... I have a feeling I'm going to probably end up spending more than my $10 gift card is worth, hehe!

If you all have any questions at all about the hair dryer, Misikko, or anything feel free to ask me or email the site! They are so kind and always willing to help. It was such a true pleasure to do this collaboration with Miskko, and I hope you all enjoyed this, too :)
With much love, Lauren.


Midwest Muse said...

That's so awesome! Congrats! Your hair looks stunning.

dahhlayne said...

Wow, this hair dryer definitely sounds amazing. I'm actually thinking of getting a new one myself. I've had these teeny travel size one that I've used for ... I don't even know maybe even since I was born, and I think it's time for it to go on retirement and invest in a new one! And yup, that did do amazing things to your hair!


leah jean said...

whoaa awesome! i'm officially jealous. :)

Elyse (Give Me Bows) said...

how exciting for you, congratulations! love the review, really well written x

April said...

Lucky girl!!!

Chicca said...

Love,love,love this post!Lucky girl, I use Paul Mitchell's products as well!You have beautiful hair, maybe you can make a post about them!
Happy weekend!

Miranda said...

Oh my gosh, congrats!!!
Thank you for the lovely comments you always leave me - they always make me smile! You're such a talented blogger, writer, and fashionista, you deserve this! :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh I am MAJORLY jealous! That is BEYOND awesome.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

hehehe I got it too!!!!!! I just haven't written up my review yet. Awesome!!!

Stacey Kay said...

This is what I NEED lol. My hair dryer is falling to shreds.

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