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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lead Me Out On The Moon Lit Floor.

Lace Peter Pan Collar Dress: Forever21.
Earrings, Riding Boots, Messenger Bag: Thrifted.

Hello there everyone!
I went out and took these pictures early this morning because I couldn't wait to take pictures in this lace dress that I've had for about a month now (I was saving it for my senior pictures!). It's one of the most darling dresses I own, and it was so fun to style up! I'm pretty much I'm crazy though for wearing boots in the middle of summer... Oh goodness, I'm thinking too much about fall!

I can't write much because I have to go to work again tonight; they've been scheduling me like crazy! I'm not so sure if I'll be back with a post tomorrow or not, but we shall see, hehe ❤

Hope you all are doing just lovely and enjoying your weekend!
With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

I love boots i wear them in any type of weather :)
This dress is gorgeous and i can't wait to see your senior pictures!


Jackie @ EatLove&Style said...

What an adorable dress. I love anything with lace such a great fabric. I hope you've been having a great time at work rather then your first day.


Ann Louise said...

I love your dress! Fall has been on my mind too, besides the busy back-to-school business, I love planning on things to wear! Have a wonderful day, Lauren!


Kimberly said...

Hey !
You look so feminine with that dress.
Love your boots by the way :)

Midwest Muse said...

I love this dress. So perfect. I love the boots with it. I've missed wearing boots!


such a pretty number. nohthing beats some lace! I am ready for fall too.


Jenna said...

Oh my gosh that dress is just amazing!!!! I don't usually like lace but it looks so pretty on that dress!!!!

Vanessa Gonçalves said...

Love the dress:)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful dress, and it fits you like a dream, too! The accessories look just perfect with this dress :)

Stacey Kay said...

WHOA! I can't believe you thrifted those riding boots. You got skillz.

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Unknown said...

That lace dress looks beautiful on you! I adore the collar on it. Amazing boots too. What a great thrift find!

Jul said...

You look beautiful in all these pictures and that dress is so sweet!
And I'm thinking too much about fall too ;)


Alexandra said...

Your dress is beautiful, the white lace and peter pan collar are so sweet and summery.

Miranda said...

Those boots are perfect for the dress! And I love the little heart leaf :)

April said...

Thank God for work, right? Hate the hours, but love the money. ;) and love your sweet dress!!

Anonymous said...

LOve ur outfit..im following.i hope u do the same:)

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh wow, that dress is absolutely darling!! I'm a sucker for anything lacy (especially with cute collars) and that dress is one of the prettiest lacy things I've seen in a while. Perfection for sure!

Wild Flower said...

Lace and a peter pan collar, alright I need this dress now! So cute!


wafflegarden said...

i love this dress! and you look beautiful in it

Laura said...

This dress is so pretty!


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