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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kiss It All Better.





Floral Scarf, Polka Dot Blouse, Khaki Shorts, Red Purse: Thrifted
Cream Sandals: Forever21.

Hello everyone!
This coming Friday is the day I have been dreading for months... It's the day I get my wisdom teeth taken out! :( :( To say I'm scared is a pretty big understatement. I've never been put under for anything and have never had any type of surgery done before. I'm only being put in the 'twilight zone,' and not completely out, so I'm somewhat worried I'll still be able to see/feel the surgery!

Do any of you have any calming techniques or suggestions at all to give me for this surgery? Like what to eat/not to eat, how to prevent dry sockets, how long recovery is? I know everyone has to go through with it, but you could say I'm just a big baby and need people to comfort me...haha. So does anyone have anything to suggest? I surely would appreciate it!

Hope you all are doing just lovely (and have already gotten your wisdom teeth out)
With much love, Lauren,


Ashley said...

I haven't heard good stories about wisdom tooth removal, so I'm not going to say anything. I'm sooooooo glad I don't have to have mine taken out...in fact, mine haven't even come in yet and I'm 21. :|

So instead I'll just say you look great. I love your hair, and that scarf totally makes the outfit!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I had my wisdom teeth removed and I am totally fine! You will be okay if you abide by the Doctors rules, so I wouldn't worry. Yes it hurts, but the pain goes away! You'll be okay and I wish you a speedy recovery!

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April said...

You'll be fine! I promise!!! Eats lots of ice cream. :)

maggeygrace said...

AHHH! Don't even worry. I was the biggest baby EVER. I was crying and shaking beforehand, but once they gave me laughing gas, I don't remember anything at all. It was actually the best week of my life- I got ice cream for every meal and was waited on hand and foot! You'll be fine:)

Beka said...

Oh yeah, I remember having to have mine removed. Everyone told me horror stories and had me terrified! It really went fine! Sometimes I think people just like to scare you. I don't like being put under either but I didn't remember a thing, so don't worry about being awake for it! Just follow your doc's instructions, i.e. no drinking through a straw after (causes dry sockets) and it will go smoothly, you'll just be sore. It just hurts if you try to eat solid food too soon.

Hey, when will you ever have another excuse to drink milkshakes for a week?! (I did that BTW!)

Stacey Kay said...

Cute shorts!

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leah jean said...

oh no! not wisdom teeth! everyone's kind of brushing off horror stories but i have to say, i had mine out last summer and it was kind of a horror story. they hurt so horribly it would wake me up, then the pain medication made me sick, nauseous, and dizzy. i didn't get out of bed for two weeks. but i'm really sensitive to stuff like that...everything's always worse with me. i'm sure it will be okay. the surgery itself went fine for me. it was the recovery that was so icky.

i'm praying for you...hope everything goes okay!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

hehe, you'll be fine.. :) they'll give you numbing medications anyway.

i absolutely love your all white ensemble with the pops of red flower scarf. cute!


Sara said...

love the outfit! you look kind of country chic! so cute :) i have never gotten my wisdom teeth out so i dont know what to say but good luck! im also kind of nervous haha


Chicca said...

White and red super chic!!!Love your high waisted shorts!

Unknown said...

you look like an angel all dressed in white, so wonderful xxx

RainCooper said...

Cute outfit. X

Blake Jacobsen said...

When I had surgery on my mouth for something similar, they put me in 'twilight zone'. But I don't remember any of it.


Cat said...

You look lovely ... that rose scarf it the perfect accessory and totally brightens up your face!

When I got my wisdom teeth pulled ... it wasn't so bad. Just make sure you follow the doctors orders ... no straws, ice those cheeks, etc. You'll do just fine :)

♥ Cat brideblu

DediLovesFashion said...

lovely outfit. =)

Laura said...

love this white outfit! you look amazing!


Another Day Another Outfit said...

I had all 4 of mine removed and it wasn't bad at all. It didn't hurt after & I didn't need the pain meds, my face was just swollen which was annoying but that was about it. I lived on mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice cream & pudding for several days. I never got dry socket or anything. I just watched the A & E Pride & Prejudice and slept for about 3 days, then I was fine.

Amber Schmidt said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

jess said...

I love your scarf. I don't have any wisdom teeth advice for you. One of my friends recovered quickly.

Whim Wham Life said...

I had all 4 of mine pulled a few years ago. The procedure itself was a piece of cake! I fell "asleep" and felt like it took them only a minute to do it all:-) Recovery was super easy too: I looked like a chipmunk but got spoiled with movies, ice cream, and smoothies galore! xoxo

Brenna said...

Oh my goodness! I was so scared when I got my wisdom teeth out too!
I was only going to be put in the "twilight zone" too, but I closed my eyes and tried to relax and managed to actually fall asleep in the chair. If you can't do that, bring an iPod or other mp3 player, close your eyes, and just focus on the music. Drown out the feelings or sights with the music if you can.
I have a massively bad thing about needles, I freak out completely. So last time I had a cavity filled, they still put me in the "twilight zone" just to get shots done and things, and I wasn't able to sleep. And my earbuds kept falling out of my ears, and I was starting to hyperventilate, so I tried to calm myself by silently reciting bible verses. This helped me a LOT.

The only other advice I have is to KEEP UP WITH WHATEVER MEDICATION THEY GIVE YOU. Otherwise, it will be very very unpleasant for sure. =(

I'll be praying for you!


b.outlandish said...

ONLY you can pull of a lot of white and make it look good.

Sorry! I'm not able to help with what you're asking, I've not yet been through this.
You'll be A-OK!

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