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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kiss Me Down By The Broken Tree House.








High Waisted Denim Shorts, Tan Purse, Wedges: Thrifted.
Floral Blouse, Black Belt: Forever21.
Velvet Hair Bow: Stolen from my sister.

Hello everyone!
So last night unexpectedly I was called into work for the first time! It was a real learning experience and working in a restaurant is a lot harder than I expected... I have so much more respect for restaurant workers! I was also so surprised at how rude most people are. I know that it's my job to serve the customer and make them happy, however, people treated me like absolute dirt!

I had one lady yell at me and make a big scene because the area one of the other hostesses picked out for her she didn't like. She ended up apologizing, but I could tell it was just because her two sons felt bad for me and were embarrassed that she has caused such a scene! This other rude customer yanked the menu out of my hand when I tried to open it and give it to him when seating him and his wife. It's Cheddar's policy to open the menu, but apparently he didn't want me to! He nastily said to me, " I can open my own menu, thanks!" Golly, he was mean.

I knew before hand though that I would have to deal with difficult customers, but I guess I just didn't think it would be so common. However, I try not to take it personally because I don't know what it going on in that person's life. You know what I always say? Kill them with kindness and a warm hearted smile

With much love, Lauren.


Mila said...

I love this outfit, and the fishtail braid and little bow are so cute as little details!!

I've heard people being rude at restaurants before, and it sounds so intimidating and it just makes it uncomfortable for everyone at the restaurant! You're definitely going to be great at this job though--you have the right attitude! :)


I am obsessed with your fishtail braid, its lovely. great high waisted shorts and even better in denim. sorry to hear about the treatment but I guess it comes with the job just keep your head up kill them with that smile :)

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit!! your gorgeous!

leah jean said...

Sorry about the dumb mean people. I can totally relate...my first job was at Dairy Queen. Talk about icky. :P

Bad Joan said...

Great look! Love the top!


Sara said...

how rude some people can be! haha its okay, life is tough sometimes, you just got to keep your head up high :) i love your top!


Unknown said...

Ugh. I hate working with the public. They're so annoying and often mean. Sorry to hear about the rude people you encountered! However, you look really cute in these pictures. I love the high-waisted shorts!

Midwest Muse said...

I'll be honest...I dislike shorts like this. On most people. But you rock them very well! And the turtle neckish top is so lovely! Oh...and the fishtail! You're wonderful.

As for the job, I too work in customer service. The way people treat me and my coworkers is so unbelievable. Some days I leave so defeated I stay indoors all day. It's unbelievable. Keep your head up though! You'll develop a thick skin.

As for the dresses question, I have no idea. I honestly don't think I have many. I either a) give them away b) donate them c) swap them. I thrift frequently enough and try and keep my wardrobe fluctuating. In and out. I guess it probably seems like I have tons and tons, but my wardrobe is pretty modest.

Kezzie said...

Yay! Well done on surviving and not getting annoyed by people! Love that top!

Rebecca said...

ohhh, some customers can be so awful, but then you get equally lovely ones too (: and you look so, so lovely in this outfit


Stacey Kay said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of customer service. So glad I made it out alive!

Great outfit. I love the top and the high waist!

Stacey Kay
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gee said...

i worked in the food industry all through college .. i feel your pain. people are very mean but all i can say is keep on smiling! :) you look beautiful love..

Em [The Writer] said...

Oh my that sounds awful! Hopefully less people will treat you like that on future occasions!

P.S. Love the new layout!

Jul said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry for these rude costumers you run into at work...anyway I agree 100% on what you said, don't let them enter and ruin your day!
You look so cute in this outfit, I won't change anything. Plus, the floral blouse is so lovely!


Carys said...

You poor thing, those people were so rude! I've done catering work before and people are so unkind sometimes. When I was an usher in a theatre a woman shouted at me until I bursted into tears right there in the foyer (in my defence I was only 16), so well done you for sticking it out!
Anyway, I bet those people weren't nearly as stylish as you, I love the highwaisted shorts and adorable ribbon!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Maria- CityLaundry said...

im loving this outfit!
the shorts look great on you!
i have the same blouse from forever 21 but i can't seem to find it!

greetings from New York!

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful, I love everything about the outfit especially your hair! The flower and the loose braid- so gorgeous!

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