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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life's Snapshots #4.














Hello everyone!
For the whole summer I've been collecting snapshots of my everyday life...You know; a little bit of this and a little bit of that! Here's what all my summer has entailed so far (in order of picture...)

1. A delicious smelling chocolate mask! It may look silly, but it felt so wonderful :D
2. My purchases from yesterday with gift cards: A 100 pallet eyeshadow kit ($10, Target) and a new book to read ($10, B&N).
3. Beautiful vintage jewelry from a vintage market I went to in June.
4. When at the local nature center, I snapped this perfect shot of a bee going into a flower!
5. Mmm, delightful and delicious looking cupcakes from the cupcake shop in Mt. Vernon, Ohio! Sadly though I didn't get one because I had just had my wisdom teeth out :(
6. Two of the lipsticks I ordered from Apothica with a $25 gift card I won from Mary's blog.
7. A picture of me and my sister on the 4th of July at the highest point in my county!
8. The biggest strawberry I've ever seen!! Golly, I love summer fruit, hehe.
9. Some pretty pins I loved from the vintage market.
10. Three new thrift purchases from today. A 90's skirt, a 90's pair of high waisted denim shorts, and a 50's inspired classic black dress ($1 for each item, $3 total).
11. An adorable Lady bug cookie for my little sister that I had to take a picture of!
12. A beautiful lilac colored thistle field I spotted when at the lake with my family
13. More beautiful necklaces (that I sadly could not afford!).
14. The all natural beautiful view of Ohio from hill top :)

Hope you all are doing lovely!
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I actually got called into work tonight unexpectantly! It was fun, but so tiring... Tell you all about it tomorrow!


April said...

1. I have one of those! Haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait. I'm sure it might just make me hungry. lol
8. Mmmmm, I love strawberries. . . Om nom nom nom nom.

Love all these photos from your life!

Cee said...

It looks like you're having such a wonderful summer holiday! This post made me so nostalgic for my carefree school girl days- although of course at the time they didn't seem particularly care free, of course :) That shot of you and your sister is adorable.

Maria Elyse said...

Aw, it looks your summer so far is just lovely! :) At first I thought all that goooorgeous vintage jewelry was yours and I was uber jealous, haha. Why is it that vintage jewelry is so darn expensive? :( Anywho, I agree with Cee in that the shot of you and your sister is super adorable. :) ♥

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog, and for guest posting for me! You are a wonderful lady. :)

First Impressions
Flying Ships Vintage

Unknown said...

Aw! You made my day saying I look like Zooey because I basically love her. Your blog is super adorable and all these pictures are great. I love the ones of the vintage jewelry and cute ladybug cookie.

Chicca said...

Love this post!!!It's so nice to see different aspect of a person!!!Your blog is adorable ,like you are!

Jul said...

These are all lovely pictures :) especially the one with your sister, you both look so sweet!
Can't wait to hear about your job.


Jhordyn Ashley said...

Your Summer sounds just lovely dearest. I especially love the wildflowers and that jewelry holder/ lamp is just stunning! I also adore strawberries, I could live days and days off of them :p

xx and hugs


Kezzie said...

Great photos! Did you get my e-mail by the way- I was wondering if you could send me your postal address as I wanted to send you something!

claire said...

hello! loving your blog! That lam with the jewellery on it! ooooo!!

Midwest Muse said...

These are great. I'm so excited to see snapshots of your life. I love the necklace stand and that mask looks nice. Do more of these!

Margaret said...

Have you ever tried an egg facial? They work like a dream. The egg whites practically make blackheads disappear.

I love scenery pictures. It's a nice break from all the skyscraper silhouettes here.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've had a wonderful summer so far :) Love the ladybird cookie...that is so cute! Enjoy the rest of your summer :)

Mila said...

I love these posts! The first picture made me laugh! Now I want to look for a chocolate mask, haha. That eyeshadow kit looks incredible, I've been looking for one like that. The display of the vintage jewelry is so cute--that would be a cool idea to store jewelry in a bedroom! Those treats look delicious, cupcakes are just so cute! I seriously am in love with all the pictures and things in this post--what a great idea for a series! :)


Dina's Days said...

I love love love the Scrabble Vintage Jewels. That is genius and I just might copy you.

jess said...

I'm jealous of your eyeshadows. So many colors!

Mary said...

Ooh those lipsticks are beautiful! So glad to see you got to spend the giftcard on something fun :)


I like these real life pictures, it bridges us closer to the life behind the blogger. the vintage necklaces are to die for and what great finds at terrifically low prices.

Laura said...

I love the vintage jewellery around the light, looks so cute!


rachael said...

Face masks, cupcakes, great accessories - you're just the cutest!


Misae Richwoods said...

I know it's summer but I think you've gotten your foundation a few shades ahead of your tan in picture #1! ;P

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