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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Give Until There's Nothing Left To Lose.










Polka Dot Dress, Nude Oxfords: Forever21.
Red Purse: Thrifted.
Navy Knee Socks: Gift from my Aunt.

Hello everyone!
I've got a few exciting things to share with you all..
1. Be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow for my mystery post! It's the biggest thing that's ever happened to me and this blog, so you won't want to miss it ;)
2. It's finally warming up and beginning to become summer here in Ohio: it's about time! The sky is cloudless and temperatures are in the 80's. I went to the pool today (for the first time this summer!), and it was just beyond lovely...
3. I thrifted this little red purse yesterday for just three dollars! It's truly perfect and I've been searching for one like it forever.
4. I got things figured out for my senior pictures! After searching for what seemed like forever (like my senior pictures), I finally found the perfect girl to do them and I'll probably be taking them sometime at the end of July or beginning of August! So, so excited...
5. I found a new spot for taking blog pictures! It's the spot I was talking about in my post yesterday, and it's large and perfect for exploring. I'm excited to have found a place no one's been to yet and I can call my own.

Hope you all are doing just lovely and see you tomorrow!
With much love, Lauren.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

What a lovely outfit and I love your hair! So glad your figuring out your senior pics!

Mila said...

I love the outfit and hair! Top buns work great on your hair. I hope your senior pictures turn out great--if you can take such good pictures for this blog by yourself, think of what a professional could do! They'll be absolutely perfect, I'm sure:) I can't WAIT for tomorrow when you tell your announcement--so so so excited!


ps. I commented on the last post of yours with some tips for fixing the layout/widths of your blog!

Ellie said...

I liked this dress as soon as I saw it in the pictures of your buys from Forever 21, and I like it even more in this outfit! Is it creepy that I'm more excited about other people's shopping sprees than my own? :D

Amira said...

Wonderful dress and fantastic red bag! Like your hair style, dear!

Sara said...
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Sara said...

that dress looks wonderful on you!


Maria Elyse said...

I love your top knot! It's so cute and looks perfect with your gorgeous bangs. :)

So, I'm reallyreallyreallyreallyreally excited to hear about your big news!! You mentioned it a couple posts ago and I've been itching to hear more ever since! I can't wait!! :D

Maria Elyse
First Impressions
Flying Ships Vintage

Midwest Muse said...

Love the combination of the dress, hair, and socks!

Me said...

I love it! The dress so simple but then add the messy hair and knee socks its simple and cute :)

dahhlayne said...

This is such an adorable dress and goes wonderful with that pop of color from that red purse!! Lovely! You have a gorgeous smile by the way. :)


Mackenzie said...

Such a lovely dress! I was thinking of buying it, and you're styling is convincing me to go for it. I love the knee high socks and bright purse. So cute.

voyager said...

I'm in love with this Outfit !
Your blog is so amazing :)

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!


Miranda said...

You look so cute!! I love that dress, and the shoes, and your hair, and the bag... you get the idea :)
I can't wait to hear the news!

Laura said...

What a cute outfit, I really like your style!
Maybe we can follow eachother?
Have a nice weekend!

Unknown said...

Awesome dress!! :)

My blog
xoxo Michaela

Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

Ahhhh! I love this dress. The spot for photos is beautiful too. I just read your blowdryer review too, that is an awesome thing to get in the mail!

Jackie @ EatLove&Style said...

In love with your dress. Polka dots are always a must in anyones wardrobe.

Mani said...

Such a cute outfit!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Unknown said...

this outfit is so wonderful, I love the polka dots and paired with the socks is just so perfect xxx

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