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Friday, June 17, 2011

Light a Way.








Cream/ Lace Dress: Modcloth.
Sweater, Hat, Purse, Cameo Necklace: Thrifted.
Cream Heels: Gabriel Brother's.

Hello there everyone!
Did you all know that Ohio had the most universities out of all of the states?! Perhaps this is the reason why I went on yet another college visit with my parents today (that makes seven!). Where did I check out today? The University of Akron!

I must say I was so impressed and thrilled. Originally I had in mind that I wanted to attend a smaller school, but after visiting places like Kent and Akron I've definitely changed my mind. When going on this tour at first I was scared... but yet really excited. I was scared because I come from such a small, sheltered town and it was a shock to see just 1000 people show up for the tour today. But, the more time I spent at Akron, the better I felt and I realized that it's what I've been searching for all along. A chance to break free. To live my life how I want. To meet new people and see new places. All the thoughts of the possibilities waiting for me make me hardly able to attend high school for one more year... Hopefully the year will fly by. I know my other three years of high school sure have!

Hope you all are doing wonderful <3
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. The dress I'm wearing is actually my homecoming dress from last school year! If you'd like to see how I've restyled it other ways, it's here, here, and here. It's been such a versatile piece in my wardrobe and it was my first ever Modcloth purchase!

P.S.S. I know I should stop wearing this hat... but I just can't!


April said...

I'm so happy for you!! Finding a good college is the best. <3
Love your dress!

PS, e-mail me your address again, please? I've been making postcards and I'd like to send you one, but I totally spaced on where I put your address. Help!

claire said...

I absolutely love your dress!


leah jean said...

yerrrr gorgeous. the end.

oh and i love your dress. now it's really the end. :P

a simple and peaceful life

Kim said...

I love your dress! And your socks look great with those heels! :)

Chicca said...

You look adorable!!!The dress is gorgeous and you have styled it in a perfect way!!!
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit so so much!! Plus, the cameo is gorgeous :)

Jenna said...

Every way you wear this dress it looks great!! I especially like it with the socks!!
I'm glad you found a school you like!!

kati said...

The dress and those socks are just too adorable!


Katie Burry said...

I decided to comment on this post instead of your newest one because I LOVE that outfit!! It's so pretty! Your dress is adorable!!

I know just how you feel!! I cannot wait to graduate (I graduate next year, as well)!! I am just going to a community college, but I am still super excited to start learning real, applicable stuff that will actually help me to better my life! (I find algebra + biology + chemistry completely useless, and I hate feeling like I'm wasting my time on something I'll never use.)

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! That's one of the nicest comments I've ever gotten before! I'm so glad to hear that you like my blog so much. I treasure every single one of my readers. <3

Also, I thought I'd give you a heads up that I'm at 91 followers, and when I get to 100 I'm going to have a great giveaway. ;-D

Unknown said...

this is wonderful, I adore the images and it is totally something i want to wear xxx plus the images are super cute xxx

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

What a cute dress and I'm loving the socks!

Victoria said...

Goodness, you're amazing! I don't think I would be able to pull off a more formal dress for everyday nearly as well as you did here. You are beautiful.

luna lovegood said...

this outfit is so lovely! it really is. it fits perfect to your type!!

LyddieGal said...

This look is terribly adorable - and NEVER stop wearing that hat! Love it!!

Chic on the Cheap

stacysaddleshoes said...

this is a great look on you.the dress is so girly sweet.love the hat and you make the frilly white socks with shoes look so stylish.
bet you got a lot of compliments on this.I say keep wearing the hat and the frilly socks!

Kezzie said...

I wish I could pull off the socks and shoes look! You look lovely! Nice dress!!!
That's great about the universities! Sometimes, where you end up is not what you would have expected and it ends up being a brilliant decision! I ended up choosing the university to go to that I just happened to find my flicking open the UCAS book (Uni applications book) and seeing it was in London! I knew nothing about it but ended up going to my first intervewi there adn just loving the feel of it! I was offered a place and I accepted! I still didn't read a prospectus or know anything about the course but it was the best decision I made!

Kate said...

Your dress is so pretty! I love the color & the texture! Lovely, lovely!

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