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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Creme Brulee.

Pink Blouse, Denim Shorts, Loafers, Cameo: Thrifted.
Wide Brimmed Hat: c/o OASAP.
Cat Tights: Gift from my aunt via Delia's :)
Lipstick in MAC'S Please Me with NYX buttergloss in Creme Brulee over it.


You all are the loveliest people to offer me so many wonderful places and ideas to visit when I come over to Europe. And the fact that you all are insanely hospitable just makes my heart so full...gosh, I love you guys! You're the best creatures on earth :) I'm going to take all your suggestions and compile them into a list + do some research to pick out where I am to go (too many places sound lovely!). x

I've had this outfit planned out for awhile and didn't even realize until I put it on that it was perfect to wear it today because...come on, you guys all know! It's the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls today! And of course it falls on a Wednesday, so not wearing pink wasn't an option. It's been stormy and rainy here all the time (which I actually love), and was stubborn to want to take pictures of this outfit. So, I took them in my ever so handy and dandy dorm lounge. What a beaut it is, no? Also, Blogger totally killed the quality and saturation of these photos. What is up with it lately? I've seen a lot of other bloggers having concerns with posting and formatting and such. 

Hope you all are lovely! Tomorrow is MAY. Very excited

With much love, Lauren.



Katie Selt said...

You look fetch! ;)

I've been having problems keeping my formatting--I have to keep editing the post and reformatting everything. Good to know I'm not the only one!


Samantha said...

"Buttgloss"? That's not very appealing! Ew! Haha, you should proofread for typos. :)

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Haha! Thanks for pointing that out for me :)

Adora Mehitabel said...

such a beautiful blouse!

Unknown said...

Oh Lauren..you're soooo lovely. Love your outfit and great to find your blog site. I a thrift junkie and were the same as I love to wear vintage piece and vintage inspired clothing as well. I always look for vintage related blogs and shops. Just want to share my go to for vintage pieces.

Unknown said...

This top is so lovely on you. I love the color!

Fashionably Kay

Unknown said...

The socks! The SOCKS! ;) As the proud cat-mama of Delilah and her mother, appropriately called Big Mama (they adopted me - I really didn't have too much say in such!), who are tuxedo cats yes mostly black - THESE SOCKS!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ohmy gosh!!! U be goin to dez amazing Places ..laur....I can't wait to see ur posts in verona and florence
Have d best moments!!! U r so worthy of IT! And u working with aeropostale is jingles TOMy EAR lolz... I recently am think in abt havin a blogg of my own :) can u help me n giv me some pointers?? Id also ly K to knw if u r. Part of bloggin communities xox
Reply!! ....or inbox me in FB love u bunches....n ofcourse urge blogg

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