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Monday, April 7, 2014

Relax, It's Just Coffee.

T-Shirt: My favorite local coffee shop.
Circle Skirt, Bow Belt: c/o OASAP.

Hi everyone!

Happy Monday to you all :) I've been waiting since January when I bought this t-shirt to wear it; and today's the day it's finally warm! It's from my absolute favorite coffee shop in my home town called Relax, It's Just Coffee. It opened up my senior year of high school but I didn't really even know it was there until after I had graduated that summer. It's the perfect coffee shop. In an old, historic building on the main street of my downtown with beautifully molded high ceilings and creaky wooden floor boards. It's home-y feeling with mix matched, worn in coaches and a bar counter made of doors. It has the traditional blackboard where they write all the drinks, some of them named after the hilarious baristas who work there. They're a hoot. Sassy, real, and darn good at making the best cafe mocha I've ever had. Local art aligns the walls and is always changing, and it feels like every time I come home to visit it's like a new coffee shop all over again. 

Even if I just go home for a weekend, I have to make a stop there. It's my favorite, and it is the essence of my hometown to me. It's more than a coffee shop. It's the feeling that my town gives me. The sense of home and where I belong.  Amazing that a coffee shop can do that.

Can't wait to spend lots of lazy afternoon in the summer time there. Drinking a hot mocha with an intricate foam design even though it's too darn warm out. Hearing the crazy old homeless man tell made up stories to all the patrons. Meeting my friends there to talk about serious things, and not so serious things. I love ya, Relax, can't wait to come home to you. 

With much love, Lauren.


Jordyn said...

This is adorable! I love the tshirt with the skirt!
Pretty Lovely

ensembledeux said...

Can I have these shoes they're lovely! :)


Katie Selt said...

I think we all have that one special restaurant or cafe in our hometown that's so great that you wonder why they aren't franchised. In Indianapolis, we have this amazing place called the Thirsty Scholar--the best mocha I have ever had.


Prints And Roses said...

Cute! :)


Kezzie said...

Very cute!


Isabelle said...

The first thing I said when I saw this was ,"OOO! Lauren gets edgy!" Haha, you look adorable girl! I'm a die hard coffee addict (it's a problem). Those shoes are so sweet btw!

xo, Isabelle


Unknown said...

Great outfit! You're looking so cute!

x Angela

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