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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guess Who's Back.

Tan Cape, Polka Dot Pinafore: Forever21.
Cream Sweater: Thrifted.
Lace Up Boots: H&M.
Beret: AA.

I absolutely hate talking about the weather on the blog, but I think it's crucial to explain this. Yes, I was wearing a spaghetti strap top and skirt in my last outfit post and I was still hot. Yes, I'm wearing a cape and a sweater and tights in this outfit post and I'm still cold. No, these photos were not taken last month. I just live in Ohio where one day it's 80 degrees and the next it snows. Whew. Okay, glad I got that off my chest. Moving on!

I had something absolutely awesome happen to me yesterday-- something I've been praying about for months was finally answered! I've been looking for housing to live in at Kent for the spring when I come back from Florence since this January. It's been an exhausting, frustrating experience. I was originally going to live with a group of friends, but things didn't end up working out so I was left to find something on my own. Everything's been getting taken up and when the deadline passed for signing up to live on campus...then I really started to worry because I didn't have anything to fall back on if I couldn't get off campus housing. I had one particular apartment complex I really wanted, but it's super hard to get a place, especially for only half a year.

Well, I randomly got a call from a guy yesterday morning who saw that I posted on the apartment's facebook page. It's TOO perfect because he's graduating in December and needs someone to take the place for the spring...it's walkable location (not bringing a car next year either), a single bedroom (I need my space), allows pets (still trying to convince my parents to let me get a cat), and comes fully furnished (I don't want to have to buy furniture this summer). It's...perfect.

I'm speechless that everything worked out exactly how I wanted! I'd been offered a lot of really good housing options in the past few months, but there always was some sort of drawback that made it so I just couldn't commit. I was unsure of whether just to settle and have a place so I didn't have to worry, because I would really regret it if I was forced to take something that was a worse option later down the road. But,I kept praying about it and could feel God telling me to wait it out, that He would provide the perfect place. And He did. Absolutely, positively perfect.

Signed the lease and everything yesterday. 

With much love, Lauren. 

P.S. Many of you were asking where the location is of my previous outfit post! It's actually right here on my campus. It's an awesome architectural set up of a wall of concrete made to look like a bookshelf. 


Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Yay! So glad that housing worked out for you! I know it can be stressful. :) I totally feel you on the whole weather thing. I'm down south, but we go from snow to 80 degrees in a matter of a day.

Kezzie said...

So glad for you xx

Jenna Leigh said...

Awh glad everything worked out! Cute outfit

stop by,

Sophie said...

I love this outfit. It's getting me inspired for the upcoming Winter season-and congratulations on securing a flat! :) That's awesome.

Sophie http://nanawintour.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Ha. Isn't Ohio weather so fun :/ I was so so sad to have to wear tights again today :( Even if the weather was awful, your outfit's great!

Elliementary, My Dear said...

Such a classic and lovely outfit :) My coworker is from Detroit and she was telling me about all the snow that the Midwest got this week. So crazy to think about that when we haven't had Winter weather in over a year here in LA. That's so awesome that God answered your prayers about the housing situation. I'm moving in the Fall and am praying that something like that works out for me too.

Kailey said...

So pretty <3

Prints And Roses said...

You look so adorable in this polka dots dress and cape! :)


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