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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life's Snapshots #42.

Can't wait to wear this 70's maxi dress I thrifted now that the weather is warm.

Flowers, real or fake (there's one real one in there!) will always, always be my favorite.

Lunch date with some babes at the grimiest, but best place for breakfast in this college town.

 So happy the snow was replaced with rain for a day.

Cat + dounut = heaven.

This mug just gets me.

Sigh, shop cats are the besttttt.

Grandma & Gracie. My two favorites.

I made rainbow pancakes over break!

A little snippet of an awesome thrift haul I had.

It's not a cupcake...it's a bath melt! I will never use it because it's simply too pretty and smells too wonderful.

Creepy obsession with thrifting vintage night gowns lately...

Been meaning to watch this before I go to Italy--finally got to over break! Still just as good as I remembered.

Mcdonald's is stepping it up on their packing game. Darling.

I got a present from Red Envelope that I can't wait to show you all soon! 

Really can't complain that it's been a wonderful past few weeks. Acquiring some new vintage gems from various thrifting trips certainly never fails to lift my spirits, nor does a good rainy day. Good news is that it's supposed to be a rainy week here coming up-- I welcome it with open arms!

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Katie Aman said...

The Lizzie McGuire movie is my sister and my absolute favorite! I need to watch that again :)

Lexi said...

You sure have found some wonderful things thrifting!I also always buy vintage night gowns at the thrift shop, They are so comfy!

Jordyn said...

Lovely photos!
Pretty Lovely

Lauren said...

Hi Lauren. May I ask what thrift stores you shop at? I live in Ohio and have been looking for vintage hats. I always see yours and I can't believe you get them at thrift stores. I love your blog by the way. You are just so cute!


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