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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Einstein's Attic.

Vintage 70's Maxi, Necklace: Einstein's Attic in Kent.
Lipstick in MAC'S Rebel.

Hello everyone!

I've had this beauty of a dress for a good month and had yet to wear it. I originally bought it from a local vintage store in Kent to wear for Hannah's birthday party, but I decided against it last minute since it's head to toe polyester (calls for overheating disaster). Been waiting for the perfect "not too hot, not too cold" day to wear it, and today was finally it. 

It's an awesome, beautiful dress but there's one tiny problem; I can't walk in it. Usually that something you say about shoes, but nope, I can't walk in this dress. The tube of the skirt was cut too narrow and it doesn't flow out; plus there's no slit. So when I walk, I look like a penguin because the fabric doesn't give as I take my steps. Ha, it's a good sight to laugh at I suppose; next time I wear this dress I'll make sure I don't have to walk around campus all day first! x

Hope you all are doing really lovely...

With much love, Lauren.



Anonymous said...

I would cut a slit in the back of the dress, just so its a little easier to walk in it!

Lotsa LOve,


Rachel said...

That dress is very lovely!! I've had the problem of not being able to walk well in a long skirt before!

Kezzie said...

I had a skirt like that-it was v frustrating as I am a FAST walker! Pretty! I thrifted a beautiful vintage purple maxi dress 2 weeks ago and am also waiting for the perfect weather conditions to wear it! X

Anonymous said...

You look very lovely in that dress!
If it has side seams and no back seam for a rear slit, why not try slits up the sides (kinda tunic-y)? They're super easy to do...

Katie Selt said...

Such a gorgeous dress!

If there is a seam on the skirt, then rip the seam out a little and it will free up your movement!


Elliementary, My Dear said...

What a lovely, unique dress. The bottom detail is especially gorgeous. Too bad it so hard to walk in haha.

Unknown said...

This dress may not suit everyone, but you look absolutely gorgeous in it!

Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

Unknown said...

Your makeup looks SO good in these pictures! I really like the way that lipstick on you :) Anywho, I've been watching a ton of Brady Bunch lately so when I saw that dress I thought "yup, 70s" Love it :)

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