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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweet Watermelon.

Mint Bralet: Forever21.
Pink sweater, Loafers, Necklace, Earrings: Thrifted.
Circle Skirt: c/o OASAP.
Lipstick in Smart Bomb's 'Posh.'


April has started off beautiful with the warmest day since October. I could wear this outfit comfortably with bare legs and a little lace bralet; can't even believe it! April 1st is more than just April fools day and the beginnings of spring though-- nine years today my family and I left for China to meet my little sister for the first time!

I remember being nervous about flying on April fools and I was right, ha. We had a lot of trouble, missed flights, and a lot of set backs...but we got there! We adopted Gracie on April 4th and it's known in our family as 'gotcha day.' I just can't believe it's been nine years. My sweet little sister. No one makes me happier than her. She is the funniest, most thoughtful, clever child. She's not my little baby anymore and that makes me sad...but I know that the next few years as she gets older we'll grow even closer as she comes of age. It still melts my heart though when she asks to snuggle with me in the evening or when she runs home from the school bus to see me when I'm home.

She is my favorite person ever and is biggest little blessing in my life.

With much love, Lauren.


Elliementary, My Dear said...

I love how you mixed these pastels with a jewel toned skirt. I've never thought to do that before, but it totally works. And it's so sweet how much you care about your sister :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful color choices and such a pretty bow. You are wonderfully lovely and so sweet. What a dear little story! xoxo

Anna Lia said...

Hey, Lauren! ♥ I love reading this blog every day and seeing your fashion - it's so inspiring and I always want to run down to my room and play dress up as soon as I see you've posted!
I just had a quick question for you... you seem like an expert on this topic :D - how do you get away with wearing some of your less, well, modest pieces, like mini skirts and bralettes, in public? I mean, don't you ever feel a bit awkward or get strange looks? What kind of things do you wear to church when you go? See, I love your gorgeous vintage-y style and I try to wear fun clothes, but I frequently can't wear things that I feel are short or revealing... and it seems like everything in stores currently is so immodest! But you pull it off so nicely and never fail to look classy - any tips? I don't know if you can (Or even want to, for that matter :D) respond to these comments, but I'll keep checking back - or maybe you could even do a post on it someday if you feel like you have nothing else to write about! :) Haha, I think this comment is beginning to get a little bit rambling, so I'll stop, but I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your amazing style and beautiful, wonderful stories here for all of us to enjoy! ♥♥♥ Happy Spring!

Gina @ pregaming with coffee said...

Too adorable! I too am loving this weather :) and I think it's super cool that your parents chose to adopt.

Anonymous said...

love the outfit. that is nice of you. :)

Irene Wibowo

Unknown said...

Nice outfit!

x Angela

Lorna said...

Lovely earrings Gal !



Jaela said...



SomeoneLikeYou said...

Hello Ana Lia!

Thank you for this sweet comment and reaching out to me! :D I actually get asked this question a lot, so I'm super happy you decided to ask me! I wouldn't wear something like this to church. I dress a lot more modestly and usually wear tights because I'm really accident prone. But my church I go to is very casual, where most people don't really dress up too much, so I can wear more fashion forward, perhaps 'revealing' outfits because it's not a strict, small church where people judge.

Usually I wouldn't wear something like this unless it was 80 degrees and I needed to feel cool, but this was the nicest day we've had in half a year and I got a little bit excited and probably dressed to revealing. I do wear shorts underneath these little flippy mini skirts I wear, just in case! As for bralets, I have a really small chest so I never feel self conscious/ I feel like with women who have a larger chest, it's harder for them to wear just bralets because although they don't mean it to, it comes off more revealing. Since my chest is so small, I don't have cleavage or anything so it seems less revealing I think sometimes.

The key I've found to baring more skin and still looking decent is to not make the outfit sexy, rather go a different route whether it be vintage, feminine, ect, to tone down the amount of skin shown. I try and lighten up the outfit and make it more playful and girly, rather than sexy and appealing. I would never wear heels with a skirt like this because it would even kick it up more notches, and I try to keep my makeup at a minimal and fairly natural so as not to look like I'm going out to a club or party during the day.

I go to an INCREDIBLY liberal college so wearing something like this is nothing to people. I never get strange stares, but perhaps in your area it would make people feel uncomfortable. See, in my hometown people aren't as well apt to more fashion forward outfits, so I probably wouldn't wear the bralet AND the skirt when I was there. It's about adjusting to your surroundings, but still staying true to who you are and wearing what you want. :)

I hope this helps you! You can always email me at laurenpfieffer@yahoo.com if you have more questions! :D

Rachel said...

Beautiful color combo!!

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