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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Throw Your Soul Through Every Open Door.

Cream Dress, Black Boots: H&M.
Grey Knee Socks: Dehlia's.
Grey Grandpa Cardigan: Kohl's.
Black Beret:Target.

Yesterday I received such a hopeful and uplifting comment from one of my co-workers. It was one of those moments in life that makes a person thankful for being, well...themselves. One of the servers at work casually asked me how old I was and when I told him I was eighteen he was quite surprised. He had assumed I was only fifteen or sixteen years old. We chatted about this and that and I told him about my clean past of no drugs, no drinking, so swearing, so sex, and no smoking. He then proceeded to ask me how I stay cheerful and happy all of the time in such a place where the people are always trying to bring each other down. The question shocked me at first, but after a few moments I properly realized how to answer it. I told him simply, God. God is the reason why I'm always smiling and happy at work. He is the reason that even though I might be going through so much darkness in my life, he gives me the strength to smile and be kind to others because that's what I want in life. To be treated kindly and with respect.

He looked at me with a somewhat puzzled and perplexed facial expression and then told me, " Don't ever lose that quality. Don't ever lose your innocence and kindness because it's a quality most people now a days don't have. It's something that makes you special. Don't ever lose it."

In a society that is always trying to make individuals corrupt and promotes an unhealthy way of living life, it was refreshing to be praised for my innocence and vulnerability. I've found that it's so hard to find someone like me possibly because no one allows themselves to be vulnerable enough these days and show the sensitive, caring, and kind side of themselves. I've often thought of becoming callous and cruel like the world around me because I figure if everyone else wants to treat me awfully, why shouldn't I just do the same back? However, the offhanded comment from my co-worker made me realize that I should never give my innocence and vulnerability up for anything or anyone. It is a trait in me that makes me unique, special, and one of a kind... Hopefully I never lose that about myself.

With much love, Lauren.

*P.S. sorry these photos are so dark and grainy... It was raining and so dreary when I took them!


Bramblewood Fashion said...

Your outfit looks so adorable, comfy, and vintage-y, Lauren! I l.o.v.e it! And your boots are simply awesome!

I have to say, one of the reasons I love your blog, besides your adorable outfits, is your spirit that comes through your blog. It shows that you ARE different from most teenagers. Which I love! I don't follow many teen fashion blogs, mostly because of all the yucky things most have on their blogs {and their spirit is so different}. Keep it up girl!

amy said...

You deserve such praise. You are a beautiful girl, inwards to outwards.

The flower petals on your page reflect the naturalness, and pureness that exists within your bones.

Love to you Miss x

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Daly said...

I love this look! So parisian chic. And your writing made me smile. It's really beautiful, as well as the message. I'm so happy that i found your blog! You have an amazing fashion sense, and I just spent the last half hour drooling over your clothes! Also, your posts are so well written, and always leave me feeling happier than I was before. I'm thrilled to say that I"m your newest follower via bloglovin! If you have time, I would love it if you checked out my fashion blog. If you like it and decide to follow back that would be lovely, but ONLY if you REALLY like it! Any insight or support would be greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to more posts!



Unknown said...

You're awesome!

I'm really jealous of your layering and knee socks because I'm afraid I won't be able to wear things like this for atleast another month. It's sad. And I need a beret! You always style them so well.

Libby said...

I love your boots and your beret! And that's such a great conversation you were able to have with your coworker. You never know how your words may have impacted him and the way he views God.

pepa said...

love your outfit dear !!!!!!!!
kisses from pepa:X

Jul said...

You look lovely, so chic! That dress looks divine on you :)
He's right, you should never love these qualities, because it's your innocence and vulnerability that makes you such a special person.


Midwest Muse said...

You're so sweet! I recently left a work place situation that was all about bringing people down and it's so hard to stay positive!

Kezzie said...

WWJD? you did exactly what he would done and pointed to the Father! And your beauty of spirit does shine through. You are a great witness girl!
And you style berets like no one else! I almost bought a white mink/ermine one last week when I was in a vintage shop but couldn't get it to sit right on my head!!!

Ms. Falcon said...

love those socks and lace booties....


Rosalind said...

Great monochrome palette to your outfit. And how wonderful to be recognised for the qualities that truly make you 'you'. Such moments make so much difference to the quality of ones daily experiences and reflections.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

It always boggles my brain how people think that you should be naturally miserable and try different things. They don't realize hoe great it is to not have to go through such things. I remember when I was a waitress at 20 years of age right before I got married (which I was also 20) and someone said, "you are always too cheerful. How come?" and I said, "I have Jesus." and then later on another time they came in and found out I was getting married and said I should go date around and sleep with other guys before settling down, as if that would solve anything. . .when that would probably make me the most miserable person ever. I've had people tell me they want to see me high and drunk too (which I haven't even tasted soda and drugs scare me so I never want to try any). Why would people want to do that to others?? Anyway keep shining a light and being who you are! i love these boots.

Mihaela said...

I love the wet shoes detail in the last photo...it gives a realistic touch. Great outfit!

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