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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homecoming Dress 2011.

Hello there everyone!
So today the votes were casted by the entire school for my senior classes' homecoming court. Out of the ten nominees picked, only give get to be on the official homecoming court and from there one will be crowned 'the homecoming queen.' You all know that I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the ten nominees (still can't believe it!), but sadly the end of my race is over with. I wasn't picked to be one of the top five girls on the court, but you know what: I'm okay with that.

Most people would be upset and disappointed, but I'm strangely not. I feel, lucky I guess you could say. Lucky that I was even thought of to be a nominee and so very grateful for the chance God gave me...The girls who are on the court are all deserving and I'm truly happy for them. This whole experience has made me realize just how blessed I am and how much God has given me and continues to give me. I'm just so grateful!

Another reason why I'm not particularly disappointed about being on the court is because I've actually already had my homecoming dress picked out since July! I never told you all, but when I was vintage shopping with my mother for my senior picture outfits I came across this beautiful formal gown... It's somewhat odd for me to be enchanted by this kind of dress because I'm not usually a pink sort of girl, or a sequin girl, or a girl who wears a fitted dress. All of my previous formal dresses have been neutral colors and simple, classic shapes. As soon as my mother and I saw this dress though we knew I had to try it on. Something about the dress absolutely blew me away once I had it on. The dress fits close to my body and hugs all the perfect places. The floor length hem is elegant and sophisticated and the dress swooshes to and fro when I walk. The neckline is interesting and different, and the overall mood of the dress makes me feel like a 1940's starlet (even though I know they wouldn't have worn hot pink). The dress makes me feel... confident like a dress never has before. I knew that I wanted it to be my senior homecoming dress even though it was something I didn't usually go for. Because when you can feel beautiful in a dress with no makeup and without your hair done, you'll feel beautiful in it no matter what.

Three months later I love the dress just as much as when I first bought it and I'm sure excited to wear it to my homecoming dance on October 8th! And the best part about it all? Matt has to wear pink :)
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I actually took outfit pictures today, but I was a complete dummy and accidentally shot in RAW format... Do any of you know how to convert RAW photos to jpeg? I would appreciate it so much!


Anonymous said...

Put the cd the thing came with and download the software. When you open your raw files with the software hit file then convert & save :) Theres a Q button on the left of your camera...I believe JPEG is a quarter circle with an S1 with it. :)

Unknown said...

The dress look gorgeous! What an awesome thing being voted into the Top ten, thats awesome congrats on that Lauren and i'm so proud of you for not feeling down about not making top five you're right many girls would even cry over something so small. You have given me the strength I will need my Senior year when homecoming comes around..believe me I would be one to let it get to me, you've showed me I don't have to have that! :) Thanks, and Have a great Day!

EmilyCinnamon said...

This dress looks stunning! I can't wait to see pictures!:) I love how you took it right in the grass like that-I think it really gives more contrast to the pattern and color of the dress.:) <3

Unknown said...

ooo! It's really sparkly and pretty. I can't wait to see how nice it looks on you.

Rachel said...

Can't wait to see this dress on you! It's so beautiful!! Congrats on being nominated btw :)

Jenny said...

The homecoming dress is lovely! And congratulations on being one of the top ten ladies for the court. That is such wonderful news to hear :-) Can't wait to see pictures of the night. xx

Anonymous said...

thats awesome, congratulations on being nominated even if you didnt win! :)

April said...

You're going to look beautiful!!!! Congrats on being 1 of 10. That's still a great number, as you know. :)

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