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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lovely Little Purchases.

Hello there everyone!
I have some lovely little purchases that I've made as of recently, and can you all believe that they're actually new and not thrifted for once...? I'm sure you all are probably thinking, "lolz, wut...!?

The first purchase my mother actually kindly made for me and it is the beautiful and extremely high sparkling silver shoes! My homecoming dress is full length this year and it can't be altered because it's entirely beaded. Since I am rather short, I needed some ridiculously high heels to boost me up so that the dress doesn't drag on the ground! The shoes don't actually show under my dress though, but they do give me the proper height I need. Aren't they just the most gorgeous shoes ever...??

Secondly I purchased two headbands from Claire's the other day while at the mall. The first is a little retro pink bow headband that you might remember seeing in my beehive tutorial the other day. It was marked down ridiculously so I just had to get it! And I literally gasped when I saw that Claire's had floral crowns because I've been wanting one so badly ever since the beginning of the summer. I tried making a few myself, but they always turned out horrid!

Lastly, most of you know that Modcloth is having its annual Last Hurrah of the Summer sale and gosh... they sure got me! All of their beautiful and heartbreaking dresses are ridiculously cheap and I managed to snatch up two of my favorites. The first is the lovely light pink one with tiny hearts all over it and the second is the gorgeous and demure sheer and tiered dress. So excited to get these babies in the mail!

Hope you all are doing just lovely :)
With much love, Lauren.


Natalie said...

those silver heels are amazingg!!


Lady Amalthea said...

Those heels make my heart melt. Lucky!

Stacey Kay said...

GREAT shoes! You better post pics of you in your homecoming dress all done up!

Goodwill Huntingg

Charlotte Cantillon (Crowley) said...

That blouse is so cute!!
Also, not sure if you saw on my blog, but I followed your hair tutorial yesterday!! I definitely need to skip over to Claire's for some of those adorable headbands :]]
Keep smiling.

Charlotte x

Unknown said...

I love love love that second dress!



EmilyCinnamon said...

Those shoes are dazzling! I wish you the best of luck in walking in them! I have a bad history with heels, one step and I'm down on the floor. *sigh* I guess practice makes perfect! And I absolutely love the second dress! <3

jess said...

The shoes are so pretty and sparkly.

Margaret said...

Wow! I'm usually one who wears high heels without much problem but I've never tried anything that high without feeling like I'm going to break my neck. At least those have a platform which really does help a lot in killer heels.

I just went to the ModCloth site and couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculously low prices. It seems to surreal!

claire said...

i love those shoes...even though i would NEVER wear heels that high!!
And i'm liking the floral head bands too

Midwest Muse said...

Those are some serious shoes!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are so amazing!!! I like, lots :)

Sharde said...

i totally want those dresses and those shoes! seriously! i need to get on that. i've been glittering everything i own lately though, so maybe i don't necessarily need the glitter shoes. like i already have glittered three pairs.-pink, red, and black :) i am now following you! i found your blog through dresses for dinner! :)

sharde @ the style projects

Unknown said...

I'm in love with those sparkly shoes! I've been wanting a pair of super sparkly shoes for a while. There's been a particular craving for a pair with my 21st birthday around the corner. I mean, what else would make such a great day better than sparkly shoes on my feet?

Sara said...

your mom MADE those awesome shoes?! jealous! and thanks for the heads up about the modcloth sale. probably about to do some serious damage haha :)


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