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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life's Snapshots #5.

Hello there everyone!
Just a few snapshots from the last week...
1. What's better than a salted carmel hot chocolate and a good fall fashion magazine?
2. My dad is seriously the best cook (I'm going to miss his food when I go to college!) and this minestrone soup was perfect for the chilly day we had last week.
3. The delicious chicken Caesar salad I had at Panera yesterday for lunch!
4. I tried Panera's pumpkin spice frappe along with my salad. It was SO delicious.
5. To complete my meal I got the most adorable little pumpkin cookie :)
6. Finally, the fall/ back to school issues of magazines I receive in the mail are always my favorite!

As you all can see my life doesn't really consist of anything all to interesting...ha. I worked a total of 21 hours the past three days and have barely been at home other than to just sleep! Thankfully today was my last day at work and I am somewhat (surprisingly) a bit sad to be leaving Cheddar's. Even though the people made me cry, made me upset, and made me want to pull my hair out.... I am going to still miss some of them and I feel as though I made a positive impact on the restaurant. So many of them expressed their sorrow to see me go and commented on how nice it was to see a young person so grounded and with such a bright outlook on life. Perhaps I'll be back next summer, but who knows! I feel as though now that I'm 18 a job at a clothing store would be just perfect, heh.

Hope you all are doing lovely and had a wonderful weekend!
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. Still try to bear with me as I catch up to all of your comments and emails! This week has been hectic and I'm dying to get back to you all :)


claire said...

After looking at this post I am hungry! I was just at Panera, I should've gotten the pumpkin spice frappe, because that looks so good!

Elanor said...

beautiful little snap shots... :) that frappe looks soo delicious!

April said...

Glad you made it through that last week of work! <3

CL said...

Oh my gosh, seeing that pumpkin makes me miss living in America so much! I've never been somewhere so obsessed with pumpkin-flavoured things!

Stacey Kay said...

Loving all the delicious coffee drinks you have on there!

Goodwill Huntingg

Sofi Moukidou said...

yummy! nice pics!
p.s. check my blog out! don't miss my give away!

EmilyCinnamon said...

Mmmm. That minestrone soup looks delicious!:)

Jenna said...

That minestrone soup looks so insanely good!!

Midwest Muse said...

I love that you're taking life photos! It's so awesome! I love seeing your life!

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