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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homecoming Queen.

Coral Dress, Leopard Cardigan: Cream Socks: Forever21.
Brown Wedges: Target.

The Homecoming Queen has been one of the ultimate cliches for decades of high school students. She's always the one with the perfect hair, body, and the most stylish wardrobe to match. She's the girl that you love to hate because she gets all of the guys you always had crushes on, but those boys never noticed you. She's the girl who is captain of the soccer team and gets invited to all of the biggest parties. She's never standing alone in the corner because someone always wants to dance with her. She's the life, soul, and heart of the entire high school.

I've been fascinated with homecoming queens ever since my freshman year of high school. I remember as a wide eyed freshman carefully deciding who to place my five measly votes to. I didn't know any of the ten candidates, so I chose them based on how pretty their name sounded. Such a full proof method, right? I remember seeing the girls on the court for the first time when a picture of them was posted in the hallway. They all had long, thick, straight blonde hair and white, white teeth. They were all impeccably beautiful and I was jealous to say the least. When the day came for the 'homecoming assembly' to reveal who the queen was, I remember waiting with nervous anticipation for some reason to see who the crown would go to. The five girls looked like royalty and were carried down the aisle way by handsome arm candy. Whistles and cheers arose for each of the girls as they sashayed down the rows in their pure white floor length dresses with crystal embellishments. When each of them opened their box of roses, the proud and tearful newly crowned homecoming queen stood up at she reveled her box of red roses compared to the other girl's white roses. Every year since has been more or less the same as I patiently waited my classes' turn. Well, it's finally here.

Today the nominations for my classes' Homecoming Queen were conducted. It's an odd concept to think about that a girl from my grade will be that single role model that I always looked up to and wanted to be (or so I thought). I think we all can't deny the gnawing and persistant voice in the very back of our heads. People all state with fervor that they don't want to be the Homecoming Queen, however, deep in the heart there is a little part of everyone that does want that spotlight and honor. To have the confirmative that 'hey, you weren't totally invisible in high school and maybe someone did actually like you!' For me though I know there's no chance of me ever being in the top ten let alone the top five or the queen. It just doesn't happen for someone like me.

In my school it's determined from a young age who the popular crowd is. It's based on the status of your family and how prominent they are in the community. Money plays a huge and rather deciding factor, as well. I've know for years who the homecoming court is going to be, and all the wishing in the world can't change it. I just wish that for once someone different would win. Someone who is the underdog and isn't expected. It makes me absolutely sick to think of the girls in my class who are so snide and overly confident. I remember just last year a group of them were talking about what dresses they were going to pick out when they got voted in for the court... Gag. How conceited and self absorbed could you be...? When I casted my ten votes today, I picked the ladies who I think deserve to win instead of the ladies who will win. I picked girls that are kind and sweet, caring and truly sincere. They don't party or drink, sleep around or have a bad name for themselves. Those are the type of girls who should be on homecoming court.

I know my vote probably won't make a difference. I know that the girls who were determined to be on the homecoming court in kindergarden will probably without a doubt in fact be on the court. But perhaps there is still hope though. Hope that for once school won't be all about popularity and who's-richer-than-who contest, but more about individuality and personality. Now wouldn't that be something?

You all tell me: what was the homecoming queen like when you were in high school?

With much love, Lauren.


Lynshock said...

omg i love the color and the leopard print blazer... you look so great. keep it up :)


Vantage Point Vintage said...

Another great look :)

Nicole http://www.vantagepointvintage.com/blog/

Stacey Kay said...

I went to a really small highschool in upstate New York - it was sort of decided who was popular in the same way that you described, but by the time we were seniors all the cliques disappeared. Our homecoming queen and prom queen nominees were the girls who everyone thought were nice and deserving of the award. It wasn't anything like you see on tv. The prom queen was my best friend Trisha and she was just the sweetest person you could ever meet.

Goodwill Huntingg

Liz said...

We didn't actually have a formal homecoming AT ALL, we did have homecoming queen but it was not a competitive spot.

I try not to categorize girls like that as perfect, because behind every person are insecurities and loneliness. If you assume someone is this perfect person, you forget that they might need help too.

Annnd that was pretty deep, so to pull out of it I love the color of that dress :P

Demy said...

Ok, I've been reading this awesome, awesome blog for sooo many months now, but I hadn't commented before and I don't know why I didn't do until now. I just wanted to say that you're the sweetest, kindest, prettiest girl I have ever seen and that if I was in your high school, I would DEFINITELY vote for you and I'd be proud if you'd win. I live in Greece and we don't have such things as Homecoming Queen, but I know what you mean because of the numerous movies. I agree with you. I don't actually get it. The Homecoming Queen is exactly the proof that only the beautifuls will be able to succeed, only the prettiest wil do something important in their lives. Hell NO. It's not supposed to be like that and of course high school should provide us with a better image of the community. Yes, indeed, beauty does play a major role, but what can a beautiful do when she has no mind at all? On the contrary, society needs people exactly like you. Happy, gorgeous inside and out, kind. You cannot imagine HOW much I'd like to be your friend. I actually can't believe that we're of the same age!!! Seriously! You're so mature! :) I love you for this! :)
Oh and btw, your outfit is gorgeous. I do adore your blog for your wonderful writing, but I also love it because of the gorgeous outfits you rock! :) Keep it up, girl! I'll try to comment more often from now on, but I don't promise anything. You know how demanding school can be at times :S Kisses!! Have a niiiice day!

jess said...

I love your sweater. In high school every grade had someone in the court but a senior was the homecoming queen. If you were in the court one year you couldn't be in it the rest of high school, I guess to make it fair but the same group of people won.

Kezzie said...

We don't have this concept in the UK! I think it sounds a horrid idea if all it does is give yet more attention to people who have all the breaks! It should be for true hardwork, kindness etc (and I'm sure you'd win this!)

Charlotte Cantillon (Crowley) said...

first of all, I love this outfit.
secondly, like the person above I'm from England and this is a completely alien concept to us. I lived in America for a year, but that was studying at an American university, but I heard from people about high school politics and cliques and groups. I think it's such an usual concept.
In life though, it's not the popular or the pretty people who do the best in life. You're amazing, homecoming queen or not.

Charlotte x

Chrysa said...

First, I would like to tell you that you are beautiful in that outfit! Very girly:) I love the combination of your dress with that leopard cardigan!
Second, I would like to say that in my country we don't have this kind of concept or tradition let's call it..:) I was introduced to it like many more, through movies.. At first, I thought it was funny, but then I realized that I find it almost pathetic and silly.. You must know a lot more, but you are right, always a typical kind of girl wins, a girl that is usually so vain and empty, who thinks of nothing else than her beauty..At least this is what we watch on the films and films depend on real life so...:) I think that this tradition only serves the vanity of certain people.

I like a lot both your texts and your pictures:)
Following you now on Google, I would love it if you followed me back!
Stories and Sequins

The Big Princess said...

Love your sweater! Super Cute!

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