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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Snow Bunny.

Cream Dress: H&M.
Green Army Jacket, Necklace: Thrifted.
Wide Brimmed Hat: Brandy Melville.
Faux Fur Lined Leggings: c/o OASAP.
Brown Boots: c/o Pink and Pepper.
Lipstick in MAC's Craving.

Hello ♥

College years are scary. What I've started becoming aware of since coming back to Kent State this semester is just how soon my time here is ending. I really don't have much longer left. This sort of thing raises questions of where I'll be living after I graduate, what my job will be, who I'll be with... Most people wouldn't worry about these sort of things yet because they're a year and a half away and it's silly to worry about something that much into the future. But since an internship is required for me this summer for my fashion program, it seems like I'll be going through a little trial experiment of what it'll actually be like to graduate.

I'm just really scared. I'm applying to all these places all across the country, with no idea who will hire me, what city I'll be in... it terrifies me to think about how soon all of this is happening and that this is the reality of my life. Most majors can just stay in the same state they live/go to college in because there are jobs readily available. With fashion...it doesn't usually work like that. You have to live in the bigger cities, away from home and what's familiar. It's not really a choice; it's what you do in order to get a job.

And I really can't complain. I can't moan and groan and act like I have it so badly because I chose this. It was my decision to go this career field; it was my decision to make my life uncomfortable when it comes to job stability and location. You think about these things when you first go into the major and kind of tell yourself all along that you'll have to prepare yourself for it...but until it actually starts happening, there's just no way you can. It's kind of like Florence. I was so worried about surviving in a foreign country for four months but in the end, there was just nothing I could do to really prepare. I just had to go out, live it, and do it.

I'm sure it'll be the same way with finding an internship/job, as well, but the idea of it is just scary. I tire of never knowing the path of my life and how things are going to be. I suppose no one knows, really, but for someone like myself who likes to plan out every detail of their life and hope it goes that way...soon I'll realize through experience that life doesn't work that way. 

Right now I'm just in the praying stages of things. Praying it all works out. Praying it's in God's hands. Praying I can have peace of mind. Praying and just doing the best I possibly can to try my hardest. That's all I can do.

With much love, Lauren.


Kezzie said...

Oh the post-college anxiety of what am I going to do with my life is familiar to all graduates, no matter the major. Music, similarly relies on cities for jobs and it is,fiercely competitive even for lowly, badly paid jobs. You just have to go with it. Praying helps as you are.
I had a beautiful snow bunny called Dudley on my lap for over an hour yesterday. He was very cute and settled until the biscuits were got out and then he bit three holes in my jumper as a protest that he wanted biscuits.
Nice dress.

Lorna said...

loving your jacket and hat, dear !

Isabelle said...

Your hair is looking fab! This outfit is so wintery and wonderful! Sorry to hear your anxieties about life ahead- if it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty nervous about leaving France, tackling senior year, and then already going to college. It just doesn't feel like I'm that old, you know. Best of luck Lauren!

xo, Isabelle

Anonymous said...

I completely get your anxiety. As someone who's going into journalism writing for a fashion magazine, I'm also going to have to relocate. Though I come from the large city of Milwaukee, the fashion community is still small and up-and-coming. There are very few positions that work for type of writing.
The idea of having to move to New York is a little bit scary. I loved the city when i visited, but it'll be different to live there so far away from family support.
It's just important to remember that it is an opportunity. It is going to be an important phase in our lives. Sometimes you have to remember to go with the flow, and just let things happen the way they're going to happen. It always works out in the end and more often for the better.

Alexandra Marie said...

Your hair looks super pretty! Alex


Unknown said...

Finding a job after college sucks, but you'll get through that time in your life. I'd just take things one step at a time! The internship is what's important to get set up now. Everything will work out. I'm still trying to get my crap together post-college so sometimes things move more slowly than expected, but life goes on!

Anyway, I really love these leggings. They're so wintry! That little utility jacket looks great with the girly dress too.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Preslava Tsvetanova said...

You look SO beautiful! I love the photos and the outfit, amazing :)

Anonymous said...

I love love love those leggings. I really want some with a similar pattern!

Unknown said...


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