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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Black T-Shirt, Loafers: Thrifted.
Trousers: Zara.
Beret: AA.


Today I was craving simplicity. Life has been overwhelming enough on its own accord lately, so sometimes I don't want to further complicate it with my style. I don't think I've ever actually taken photos in an outfit this simple on here. No patterns, no jewelery, clean lines. I kind of really like it. I was surprised at myself yesterday when I had on a dress with a huge peter pan collar, matching keds, and a matching hair accessory and I cringed at my reflection. It was actually kind of shocking to react like that to this outfit, because it's something I would have worn in a heart beat a year ago and described as very "me." I guess I just don't want to do the twee, little girl thing anymore. Not that there's anything wrong with it all-- I still love to look at bloggers who wear this kind of stuff, but for me it doesn't fit who I am anymore. I kind of wish it did. I want to go back to that girl and where I felt more "sure" of the style I dressed. But for whatever reason of having more responsibilities, living in Europe, growing older...I've just grown out of old parts of me that I thought were essential to who I was. Strange how that can happen I guess.

With much love, Lauren. 



Unknown said...

Interesting reflections on your thought of threads today! ... You know, one time I was speaking with a neighbor of mine - we are both women; she was in her late 80s, I'm - let's say probably close (or exceeding!) your mother's age ... and I referred to myself as a "girl" (as in "I'm one scared girl with that going on!"). She very quickly and sternly corrected me - "you are a WOMAN!". And I realized that the whole twee, girl thing is really celebrated in the American culture - the clothes and the celebrities, certainly, and as I myself demonstrated, the language! Wouldn't this be a fascinating media study, especially when looking at advertising! Anyway, I especially think that by your having gone to Europe, you 'broke that spell' and are finding out new parts of Lauren - kudos to you!!!

Unknown said...

I have definitely been there. When I first started my blog I mainly wore what I saw other bloggers wearing, and I thought that in order to stand out I had to be more twee and pile on the accessories. I've dialed it back tremendously & I've been much happier because of it! :)

Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog

Unknown said...

Just keep smiling love

Carmel Elizabeth said...

Exactly. I love this - I used to be more into bright colors and prints but the more I know about myself, the more I'm attracted to simpler colors and designs, more focusing on smaller, special detailing. <3

You're beautiful & I love this outfit. ^_^

Carmel Elizabeth said...
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Lauren said...

Haha I feel the exact same way. I've been trying to simplify my wardrobe into only neutral colors and it makes getting dressed so much easier. Also I feel like a real adult wearing simpler clothes that are still interesting. :) You make me want to get back into blogging again!

Samantha said...

I share the same sentiments - and it grows the older I get. There's beauty in simplicity as well and this outfit is testament to that! Love the black and beige combo.

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