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Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter Magic.

Snow flake Sweater: c/o OASAP.
Blue Pencil Skirt, Red Hat: Thrifted.
Cream Loafers: c/o Pink and Pepper.

Hello everyone! ♥

Was apparently wanting to match the weather today; a snowy, winter-y look! I always feel a smidge awkward when wearing pencil type skirts/dresses instead of fit and flare because my hips are just so much more...out there! I'm not embarrassed of them or anything, but it's different to have a silhouette forming so much closer to my body. It affects the way I pose, the way I feel...and I can definitely see it somewhat in my face/poses that I'm not quite sure what to do since I don't have a skirt to pull out and play around with!

I've been feeling super bad/guilty lately when it comes to an aspect of blogging I just am not as good of keeping up with as I used to be. In high school and even my first year in college I was super involved with the community around me; always commenting on other blogs, interacting with them, replying back to comments...and then when I started my sophmore year and things really started picking up in my life, I found I just couldn't do these things as much as I liked to any more and then it just became less and less....it's gotten to the point now that ever since Italy I don't even read any of the blogs on my feed, but rather go to the direct URL of a few I love and just binge read a bunch of their posts, and I'm never able to comment really any more...it makes me so sad. This community has always just been there for me so much through the last five years, and it feels wrong to be so distant from it. I want to be out there supporting you all; leaving the kind, considerate, helpful comments you do for me. But time just evades me every single day, and I find myself hardly having enough time to post myself anymore. I still love it, am passionate about this, and it never feels forced; but it is still a struggle to get pictures taken, posted, and such that by the end of all that there's not time or energy left for engagement. It discourages me because I guess I feel like I just can't keep up with it all. There's so many amazing girls out there I want to commend; I have so many great readers of my blog I want to get to know and answer ALL their questions...and when I can't, it makes me feel like a failure who isn't showing appreciation for all of the lovely people of this community.

I don't know. Something that's just really been on my heart lately. I'm so sorry if you've ever felt neglected by me or that I don't care. That breaks my heart if it's the case! I just have such a hard, overwhelming time juggling everything in my own life right now, that it's hard to juggle the responsibilities of this virtual life, as well. My apologies to each and every single one of you; I'm going to try to start doing better. x

With much love, Lauren.


Tessie said...

Aww, don't worry about it, Lauren! Speaking for myself at least, I completely understand the massive demands you have on your time (what college student doesn't have a million things to do each second? I definitely do!) and I'm always glad when I see a new post from you, but there are no harsh expectations or anything like that. :)
Anyways, today you remind me of Snow White! Gorgeous. Someday I hope I'll be as stunning as you! :D

Unknown said...

I always, remember hw u replied me .. N der was anotha one valentines... ☺
U've always made time.. I kno
U r one of my fav blogger ...
Ur contents r so raw ..
I even love ur rambles..n
Outfit struggles..๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒผ
I jus started my blogg in tumblrr..basically, m nower ryt now..jus few post older ..m so stuck between postin mine own n otha ppls stuff.. I jus don't know how to start on a website or hw to make one. ๐Ÿ˜ณ I don't know what to do... I heard abt (IFB) a website to beginners once.,plz if u hav a tiny-bitsy tym.shoot me a mail ..lovee u so,much... ๐Ÿ˜†
(I knw u hav millions otha things to do,sory)

OrigamiGirl said...

It's good to know that other people feel the same! I feel guilty for how much less I comment than I used to. I'm having a bit of a comment binge today after months without, and I've been feeling like there's a lot of life going on to distract me from blogging. But that's good! If you're having a good time, it's ok to enjoy that and look after yourself. And people do move on and find new things in life that keep them happy. It's impressive to have kept it going for as long as you have!

Sammi said...

Such a cute outfit, and I always feel weird with a non-fit-&-flare outfit, too. Don't feel guilty about not being as involved in the blogging community, though. You are in school, and that's the most important thing (frankly, I think it's amazing you're maintaining a blog while in school - I don't know if I could've done that!). <3

xox Sammi

Kezzie said...

To be honest, and I would do you a disservice not to be honest, I do find it a bit rude when I leave many, many comments for a blogger (and I am talking impersonally here, not about anyone specifically) and they get back maybe once a year or worse, never ever reply or acknowledge it (there are many bloggers like that) even just to say hi, thus my own commenting might dwindle a bit, but at the same time I can understand people have other priorities and are busy trying to form a future for themselves and with the best will in the world, they blog for themselves and that's all they can fit in, no matter how lovely a person they are or how many good intentions they might have, life can just be manic.
I am busy, I understand that. Luckily I don't have a zillion followers so I can usually interact with kind commenters, even if I am busy and just leave a hi! And I do feel guilty if I don't. There is a lovely girl whose posts I read daily, she comments on everything I do, and because she only has Google+ comments, I can't comment- I vehemently do not want to set up a Google+ account because of my teaching and not being able to be anonymous. Thus, I feel very guilty about it and try to reply to comments on mine for her sometimes and post a comment at the end of the post sometimes.

You do what you can within the frame of time you have available and that is not possible for you it seems so don't break your heart over it, you'll just make yourself unhappy. You have to concentrate on getting yourself a good grade and job- there are too many students out there who don't do that, so it is nice to see someone works hard.

Emma. said...

oh no don't feel like a failure ! I think everyone understands how it is, and it just happens, and sometimes times goes by so so fast weeks pass without us noticing :) It doesn't make your style or your blog any less great !

Kezzie said...

...and reading back my comment, your blog is still beautiful and you share something wonderful with your readers despite anything else! And that, my friend, is of utmost importance!

Unknown said...

My dear young lady! Do not feel guilty, or ashamed, or even like you are a failure - I'll hear none of that, now! YOU HAVE A VERY ACTIVE LIFE!!! You said this yourself in your second paragraph ... and ...That is something to be very proud of! Look at how different, how much more involved in the career path you want to be - even how much change there has been with the status of God in your life! - since you began this blog, to today ... honey, all your dreams are coming true! Revel in it! Don't you dare feel guilty!!!

Your OOTD is an ooh-la-la in a snowstorm, btw - love this!

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