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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 in Review! ♥













November 11th, 2014 passed all too quickly for me while I was in Italy, marking 5 years now that I have been blogging! I was so bummed I couldn't do a review post or anything to celebrate, and wanted to try and fit something in before the new year...and then I was in Wisconsin for the five days after Christmas and that didn't happen either. So, better late than never! Here is a little review post of outfits & great things in celebration of my 5 years of blogging + the end of 2014...

My style was up and down, all around definitely. I had a really hard winter last year with it being so cold and snowy, that I went through a really bad uninspirational rut in my style. That led me into dressing much more practical though, working pants and casual wear into my style which I've actually quite enjoyed! For many years, I just dressed up because it was what other people wanted from me. I felt the need to wear these outrageously nice outfits because that was what it took for people to notice me...to like me. I'm really glad in 2014 I think I got rid of the last of that, and only wear what makes me feel comfortable when I want to. Some days I want to dress up; others I want to wear jeans-- it's all okay! And then I went to Italy and that through my style into another twist of having a very limited wardrobe and being inspired by the cultures around me. I began adopting a more classic, toned down, sophisticated style...or that's what I wanted to do. I found it very hard to execute with limited pieces to style, and thus when I look back at those four months I really don't care for any of the outfits. In November, I only posted two outfits the entire month; the lowest amount ever in my blog history, and I don't feel like either really represent me. Having the limited wardrobe really taught me about "less is more" in style and how to make things work. My style is continuing to develop into 2015--it's ever changing and I'm so glad I have this blog to document it! 

My personal life had quite a year as well! But a very good one I can say :) A big change was "talking with" and eventually getting together with my boyfriend. It was a huge step for me because I didn't think I would date for a long time after my last relationship-- but Ry won my heart over and it was a good 2014 with him. It was definitely also the year of travel for me; I've never been so many places in my life. In the states I visited PA for my friend Hannah's birthday, and the WI to see Ryan's family. Within Europe I went to Austria, Germany, England, France, Spain, Ireland, Czech. Republic...within Italy I lived in Florence and visited Milan, Rome, Positano, Capri, Lake Como, Carpi, Verona, Lake Garda, Pompeii, Siena, Venice, Perugia, Cinque Terre. Whew! Experiences where I learned so much about life and about myself. School wise I completely my sophomore year, declared a fashion media minor, and began my junior year. I turned 21 and had my first alcoholic drink ever, and continued working at my amazing job at Aeropostale. On this blog I hit a HUGE milestone this year 1 MILLION page views!

I will never forget 2014. It was a life changing year for many reasons, and one I'll always cherish in my memory. It brought about so much good for me-- I can't wait for the good to continue into 2015. I love you all so much-- thank you for the support you've given me this last year, and the four years before. I love blogging honestly, just as much as when I first started. There may be times when I have to pull back or take a break when life gets to be too much...but I always look forward to coming back to this space I've created with renewed inspiration and this wonderful community. Here's to another year blogging on Someone Like You! x

With much love, Lauren.

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Kezzie said...

2012 is definitely my favourite year fashionwise for your blog! This year has certainly been an amazing year for you!x

Unknown said...

Love seeing all the seasons throughout the year! (I'm from Cali so it's always sunny here lol)

Tineke said...

I love your style!
xx Tineke

Unknown said...

You have an absolutely beautiful blog! What amazing, vintage-y style. Love it!


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