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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Castle In The Air.

Denim Top, Cameo Necklace: Thrifted.
Red Cardigan: Old Navy.
Red Hair Bow: American Apparel.
90's Floral Shorts: c/o Castle in the Air vintage.
Tea Cup ring: c/o Castle in the Air vintage.

Hello everyone!
I usually take my outfit pictures in the same, secluded spot but have really been wanting to branch out to more of the campus. There's too many beautiful trees and flowers to serve as backdrops! I seemed to be quite a spectacle though as people stopped every few minutes to inquire what I was doing, if I needed help, and even to take a picture of me for their own personal use (?). And then a huge group of my friends saw me, so there's that for embarrassment. Oh well though, I'm thrilled with how these turned out and I went out of my comfort zone again today!

So these shorts and ring are from a lovely vintage store called Castle In the Air run by a lady named Brae who is in college like myself! She has all sorts of beautiful vintage pieces from the 50's-90's for wonderful prices. I had to try out these 90's Bongo shorts because I've been on a shorts kick lately ♥

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend! I filmed a little impromptu video today that I'll put up soon so stay tuned for that. x

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

Ah! i'm so happy you found me that now I've found you!!! your style is sooooo up my street and that red bow is such a treat!!! loving your photography!! I get lots of strange looks too all the time when i'm out and about taking photos and posing!!


overthinker said...

i love your outfit ! red looks good on you :)

Unknown said...

This outfit is soo pretty! I love the colors :) And seriously, it gets awkward when I take outfit pictures in a public place :p


Sammi said...

Love this outfit, and the location is perfect! The picture of you in profile among the daffodils is so lovely! :) Kudos to you to have enough courage to blog whilst in college. I feel like I would never have been able to get past my embarrassment of taking photos on campus!

xox Sammi

Spoonful of Vintage said...

That ring is so adorable, matches your outfit perfectly! The background is lovely and flowery! I must say, I am missing spring over on my side of the world!

xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

Sophie said...

Your outfit pictures are always a joy yo look at!

Camille said...

Red is a really pretty color on you! Your hair bow is just adorable!


Aino said...

I love this outfit! It's so adorable! :)


Mamalina said...

Honestlly, I've never seen someone looking this good in red! It's like red was invented for you!!!

I love the flower print shorts, also!

Many hugs,



Rachel said...

That ring is so so cute!!!! You look beautiful as always!

Midwest Muse said...

These shorts are adorable on you. You wear color like no one I've ever met.

Lucie said...

Your style is just sooo cute. I love your hats and your wedges in like, all your posts. :) and your dresses are too cute. You pair items together really well too. I'm glad I discovered your blog. Keep up the good work :) Thank you for your inspiration.

from a new follower that found you from chictopia !

Jennifer said...

Very nice outfit. What is in your opinion the best body shaper?


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, those shorts are kind of amazing! And they go so perfectly with your red sweater!

Wait, someone asked to take a picture of you for themselves? Crrrreeeeepppy.


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