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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Most Wanted MAC Lipsticks.

Hello everyone!

Lately it's all I can seem to do is watch youtube after youtube video, review after review on MAC lipsticks. I have two currently- Russian Red and Speed Dial, but I'd love for my collection to grow. Thank goodness the nearest retailer that sells MAC is an hour away, or I know for a fact that I would have many more of these beauties in my collection (they're so tempting). I don't feel comfortable ordering online because lipsticks are one thing you have to try on; they look different on every skin tone.

MACs are a pricey purchase for just a lipstick, so I like to do a lot of research before I purchase one to make sure I'll love it + use it frequently. After spending the past few weeks researching, I came up with these 8 I'd like to have in my collection in the next few years.

I'm looking for a good coral lipstick so it's in between Ravishing and Vegas Volt. I've heard awesome things about both! I've been wanting Please Me for a super long time, too, so I think I might try that along with one of the corals. In the future I'll need a new nude lipstick because my favorite one is broken; so either Myth or Creme d' Nude. I heard Cream in Your Coffee is a beautiful 'your lips but better' color, and I'm looking forward to trying out MAC Red someday because it's not matte like my Russian Red.

Do you have any favorite MAC lipsticks? Let me know!  ♥ 

With much love, Lauren.


Nancy Wilde said...

I own MAC Chili, Myth, Runaway Red, Diva, Lady Danger, Chatterbox, Dare You, Fusion Pink, Impassioned and Crosswires... and I don't regret it! I really want to purchase Please Me, matte muted pink, so 60's!

Anonymous said...

Vegas Volt is a great color. I just wore it in a recent post. I just love it! MAC's Russian Red and Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Unlimited are my two go-to lipsticks.

Love, Amy
A. Loo's Closet

Unknown said...

I really like the Russian Red on you! I really liked reading this because I just started wearing lipstick and I've been reading a ton of reviews to find the best color/brand and stuff. I really want some MAC lipstick one day though!

PS Vegas Volt looks like an amazing color btw


Unknown said...

I actually just got my first MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo and I love it! All your picks look really great too :)

Sophie said...

I'm all over the Cremesheen formulas & love Creme Cup which I'm running out of & then the deep pinks like Show Orchid & Lickable. My favourite red is Lady Bug but there's a few colours I'm keen to try out like Rebel, Patisserie & Red.

S xo

Lauren said...

I know what you mean about watching youtube video after youtube video! They're so addictive...but really great for reviews. I'm thinking about getting Mac Rebel which will be great for autumn/winter - when it eventually cools down here in Australia! ...I'm just trying it out still to make sure I don't get an allergic reaction (which tends to happen for me with a lot of lipsticks :( and which is why I haven't bought any mac yet! Hope you're having a great day

Love Lauren

ABBS said...

Not to diss MAC in any way, because I love their lipstick, but the best lipstick I have ever had is by Yves Saint Laurent. One of my favorite colors is Rouge Pur Couture, which is the perfect shade of bright fuchsia/pink. I love this brand because it goes on creamy and perfect and stays that ways for a long time. Yes, it is expensive, I believe it was $30 but well worth it. I bought it as Sephora and cannot recommend it enough.

Unknown said...

MAC Myth made me look like a corpse :( But I have MAC Red, it's my favorite red lipstick! I always get a lot of compliments on it. I want to say it's like a creme version of Russian Red.

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