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Monday, April 8, 2013

Divine Romance.

Fuschia Lace Skirt, Heart Locket: Forever21.
White Dance Shoes: Thrifted.
Blouse: c/o Lulu*s.
Lipstick: Lime Crime's 'Centrifuschia.'

Today is a beautiful day to be alive

I had a good, quick weekend at home but am very exhausted from constantly going back and forth between college and home. Three times last week! It was well worth it though because I'm sure some of you already know from my twitter or facebook that I got hired!  
I am proud to be Aeropostale's newest employee! 

Aeropostale was the first real 'stores' that I shopped at as a preteen because they were the only one that carried my size in more fashionable clothes (I was a lot bigger). I gradually stopped going to Aero when I discovered thrifting and my personal style developed more, but it still remains the only store I'll buy my pants from. I was somewhat skeptical when applying and having an interview with them because they weren't my aesthetic 100%, but after the interview I realized just how badly I wanted this job. I didn't realize how incredible of a company Aero really is and how they're rebranding themselves somewhat to get out of that younger age group and make the clothing more fashion forward. After spending time in the store I realized how much the clothing actually is similar to my style; classic and feminine. After hearing of all the jobs and duties of the workers, I realized; this is exactly what I'm learning about in class. And it hit me that this job meant a lot more to me than I realized before because it is getting to actually have first hand experience at my major!

The interview was the most fun one I've ever done and I was over the moon to be called that same day and offered the job. I have my orientation on Saturday so I'll be heading back home again! Although I love school, I'm excited to be out in a few weeks so I can start working and learning the ropes. I just have such a good feeling about this job guys and I'm so happy and excited

With much love, Lauren.


Sophie said...

Ahhh a massive congrats!

Lauren said...

Yaaaay! How exciting!

Vicki said...

Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful job!(:

Lovely outfit, by the by! I love how your lipstick perfectly matches your skirt!

Decked Out in Ruffles

Unknown said...

Adorable outfit and congratulations on getting hired! Sounds really exciting! Have fun!

Thumbelina's Wardrobe

claire said...

congratulations! so exciting! I've been looking for jobs at clothing stores but none of them hire anyone under the age of 18 :/ x

Tonya said...

Congrats on the job!!!! Stunning look as always! (:

Sammi said...

Ah this look is so gorgeous (that blouse is diviiiine). Congratulations on the job!!! I feel the exact same way you did about Aero, and I'm happy to hear they seem to be redirecting their brand a little bit. You'll do an incredible job there, I know! :)

xox Sammi

Emma said...

I found your blog through the modcloth style gallery--you always have the cutest classic outfits! Congrats on your new job :)

-Emma from littlemotley.blogspot.com (my own very very new style blog)

Anonymous said...

Your bangs look great! How do you style them?

Jeannee said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow - this really does sound like the perfect job for u :)

Listen - I like what u r wearing, too ... it's just what caught my eye was your twitter feed & specifically ur reference a post @ The Belle Jar... so I clicked on it - another wow!!! TY! I shared it on my Facebook, left a comment, AND subscribed :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I saw it on Facebook and I did a little dance for you - so great! You are going to have a great summer. :)

Also, this top is just so adorable - the back of it so cute and unexpected!

Go celebrate employment, chica!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job. I worked quite a bit of clothing retail in my day and have to say, it can be fun. But it's not all fun. I remember getting new inventory and restocking the shelves at 3am a few time. But I guess that's why they call it work :)


Unknown said...


i already said congrats on Twitter. But again: congrats!!!!!!!
I love this outfit, it looks so so cute. I'm in love with that colour of your skirt ( and the skirt itself ;)
I also like how your lipstick and skirt are matching :)

Just a quick question, did you just say that your school is done in a few weeks?? I'm also in college and we have school 'til the end of june :(

x Audrey

Unknown said...

So so happy for you that you got the job :) I am sure you will love it and grow in it a lot! You look fabulous in this outfit! You have such a fun style, and the way that your posts are written make me feel like I'm talking to one of my best friends! You really have a talent :) Anyway, lovely top and skirt- and that locket is absolutely adorable!


Kezzie said...

That's fab! Well done you! How pretty is that blouse!

christen said...

congrats!!! and i love this look on you. Fab items. you look amazing as always.


Anonymous said...

nice but you show well the "panza " !!!!

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