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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pretty Secrets.

Nothing makes me feel more beautiful and confident than a pretty new set of undergarments. Not getting my hair done. Not painting my nails. Not even putting on my favorite lipstick. Though slipping on a matching set of beautiful under pinnings has always been such a treat for me. I don't understand why it's such a cliche topic to discuss; all women have to wear something underneath our clothes. So why not find a way to make it worthwhile and have a little fun with it?

It's your own little secret no one knows about. No matter if you're wearing a Dior dress or a brown burlap sack on the outside, with the right undergarments a girl can be invincible. 

I was thrilled to try out a set from Adore Me because I don't treat myself too often to this sort of thing (new lipstick and coffee always seems to get in the way). Adore Me is an interesting site because it's somewhat like a subscription box. You take a quiz that personalizes what type of lingerie you want, and then they give you a show room to pick from based on your preferences. You can get a set sent to you every month for $40 (which is great when you consider VS prices for a matching set), or you can choose to just pay for one (at $40, as well) at your disposal. Very non hassle, free shipping + returns, and 20% off your first purchase.

As for the set I received? Love, love, love. I've never tried a balconette or unlined bra before so I was super excited. I found myself loving this style and finding it much more comfortable than under-wire bras. The lace was divine and so feminine and romantic, not to mention the most beautiful color. I was surprised they offered my *ahem* rather small cup size which was also a great plus. Cup sizes are flexible on both ends of the spectrum!

Adore Me is definitely worth checking out if you're in need of some new under things or just want to treat yourself to a little something special

With much love, Lauren. 

*This set was c/o but all opinions and thoughts remain my own! ♥*


Sammi said...

Ohh how pretty! And true -- that is a pretty good bargain when you consider how much you'd have to pay at Victoria's Secret! I'll have to check out Adore Me!

xox Sammi

aki! said...

When I was younger, my mom never got me bras with underwire, but now I get them myself.

I'll have to look into how much support these bras offer. They look SO much more comfortable. Cute blue color too.

7% Solution​

Charmaine said...

I totally agree! It's such a simple way to make one feel that little bit more confident.

Alyssa Pritchett said...

This is a beautiful set, I am in love with this rich color!


Unknown said...

So beautiful. I love the colour and the lace.

X Audrey

Unknown said...

I have always dreamed about owning some beautiful lingerie...but other clothing items always entice me so I have no money left for some pretty undergarments! I will definitely have a look at Adore Me though.

xx Carina

Ines Ariani said...

Pretty things! <3


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