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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bringing Back the 60's.

 Floral Crop Pants: Aeropostale.
White Blouse: Forever21.
Spectator Flats: Charlotte Russe.
Love Ring: Dahlia.
Lipstick: Lime Crime's 'Great Planet Pink.' 

Hello everyone

You all know I'm not much of a pants wearer but oh.my.gosh. These floral pants from Aeropostale had my heart instantly. Two things I never though I would say I love: Aeropostale pants. I can tell it's going to be a really big problem me working there because I am head over heels for all of there pieces. 

Just because it's a 'mainstream' brand doesn't mean you can't put your own personal style twist on the pieces. I love that I styled up these cropped jeggings retro, yet they would look so lovely styled classically with a blazer and heels, hard edge with a leather jacket and boots, and even bohemian with a flowy top and sandels. You know a piece is special when it can be styled for a variety of different styles and these pants are it. They're a part of the new summer line that just came out and I was so surprised at how inexpensive they were! I always thought Aero was pretty pricey but I ended up snagging these for $14. WHAT. 

Also, check out my new beauty of a bag! I've been carrying around the same old tattered Forever21 messenger bag all year so I am so excited to have a nice, sleek, and roomy bag for school these last few weeks. Hasn't left the crook of my arm since I got it

I just wanted to take a second to say how deeply saddened and troubled I am by the Boston Marathon bombing that occurred yesterday. One of my close friends here at Kent is from Massachutests close to Boston and it hit me incredibly hard for her. I was planning on visiting her this summer and going to Boston, and I can't get out of my mind the pictures I saw of all of the terror and madness. I pray deeply for my country and for all of humanity that love may overcome all of this tradgedy.

With much love, Lauren.  

P.S. I look like a big headed martian with my hair like this, LOLZ. 


Unknown said...

Gosh, those pants are adorable (not to mention the whole outfit)! You're right -- they could be paired with many different styles! A piece like that is always great to have around!

Also, what happened in Boston is absolutely terrible and my heart really goes out to those affected. I always hope that, one day, people won't have to experience such tragedies.

Thumbelina's Wardrobe

Elanor said...

I'm actually very fond of this hair style on you! Such a fun throwback to the 60s. I also dig your new bag. I love getting new bags that can work interchangeably for school stuff. :)

xxoo E

Katie Aman said...

OMGOSH your hair!! Every time I visit your blog I want to cut bangs in my hair so badly. This style is flawless and I really want to try it in my hair now. Those pants are quite wonderful and look darling with a flowy top! 60's is my favorite fashion era of late, so I'm totally digging this.

Ashlyn said...

You definitely don't look like a martian! This is my favorite outfit that you've posted probably all year. It's so classic and yet so Lauren. Perfect.

Mamalina said...

My gosh you look amazing! So 60's! I love your hair and sunglasses! Simply amazing!



Vicki said...

I love this 60s style! It's so feminine and fun, and it looks adorable on you. Hehe, and I definitely don't think you look like a Martian--I love that hair style on you!(:

Decked Out in Ruffles

Anonymous said...

You look so cute & remind me of Twiggy a little! :D

Ashley Holloway said...

This is so cute! Love how you styled them with a 60s look! I might need to look into these pants. :) The hairstyle is fabulous on you and those sunglasses rock even more paired with it!

Nancy Wilde said...

You look adorable! I love the beehive :) x

Léna's Cameo said...

Loving the glasses :)

Mary said...

yeah, seriously, i agree with everyone here. you look amazinggggg.

Unknown said...

So cute! I love how you came up with other ways to style the pants too :)


Unknown said...

I'm loving the hair and those pants :)

The Style Storm said...

Love this look, the peter pan collar is amazing!

The Style Storm
xo, Christina

shay said...

I love these pants, they are so awesome! And your hair? Fantastic.

And speaking as a Boston resident, the bombing was truly a tragedy, but seeing the love and compassion outpouring in this city is truly heartwarming. I only hope and pray that it continues and spreads to other cities!

Jeannee said...

Love this look! - even more than that, I love how the bubble supports the brains ... and the heart ... and you've written compassion and decency into your fashion blog <3

christen said...

that handbag is totes amazing. yeah, i just made that pun!


Unknown said...

These floral pants are so fantastic! I love them! The whole 60s vibe in this outfit is wonderful too. Your bouffant and sunglasses are the best.

Unknown said...

Your pants are just so cute! And that bag?! Oh my gosh so adorable!

And you definitely do not look like a big headed martian! You look so good!


Hanne said...

Such a lovely outfit :)

Bridgette Nicole said...

You look adorable as usual! Love this April outfit! So perfect! :)

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