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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumnal Happiness.

Peter Pan Collar Top: Forever21.
Hounds tooth Skirt: Thrifted.
Red Cardigan: Old Navy.
Red Heels: Blowfish Shoes.

Why hello there lovely ladies and gents!

Ahh, you all have no idea how wonderful it is to be able to come to this blog everyday to people who love and accept me. This blog has gotten me through so much in the almost three years I've had it, and I'm excited as always to keep taking it with me. It's gotten me through a lot of dark times over the years, but I just have this really good feeling that this is the start of a new chapter in my life that is much brighter  ♥

It's funny because I used to be really into 1940's and 1950's vintage when I was in high school but I've really grown to have quite the love for the 1960's lately. Been teasing my hair up, wearing lots of eyeliner, and of course 60's silhouettes. Although the other day when I was at the fashion library I got to look at books containing ORIGINAL Vogue patterns from 1949 and I was pretty much having a heart attack. Maybe I'll just have a shared love for all three decades at once? Yep, sounds good to me!

It is blissfully warm and beautiful here and I am soaking up all of this autumnal beauty...life is just beautiful in general, you know? 

And if you've emailed me in the past one or two weeks and haven't received an answer back so sorry about that! With the conference this weekend + DROWNING in work I've had the hardest time getting back to you all...but I want to thank you for the absolutely heart melting emails as of late because they have been even more extraordinary than usual! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With much love, Lauren.


Sara said...

This outfit is just ADORBS! and you look so cute in that last photo!


Unknown said...

Love the color and pattern in your outfit! You look wonderful <3

Conny said...

The 60's is my absolute favorite era. I am loving your makeup look and the color scheme of your outfit!

Mary said...


OrigamiGirl said...

I really like your eye make-up in these pictures! You look gorgeous. I used to wear eye liner every day and then dropped out of the habit. What brand of eye-liner do you use? Any you would reccommend?

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for being into all those decade fashions. I adore the 30s-70s fashions! You look so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking you look so much like a woman from the 60's era. I love how you do your eyeliner and eyebrows! That houndstooth skirt is amazing! It looks brand new. And I love how you styled it with the Peter Pan collar and red sweater. Amazing! <3


Kezzie said...

This is a lovely outfit, great colour and piece combos! Pretty you! Sorry to hear you have lots of work, it can be hard when you have so so much to do! Thankfully it's the last day of school tomorrow for a week! I'm off to Florence for a few days!
(By the way, I made a really silly costume for a party which reminded me of your Smurf dress, it was in my mind when I chose the white dress to base it on!!)

Jeannee said...

Ah! Another new favorite OOTD - just lovely! And it's always good to read ur writings, too :)

Alice Barton said...

Just found your blog and I am loving your style! this outfir look great, that little collar is so perfect.
Happy to be your newest follower!! xx
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

Sin12012 said...

Stunning ! :)

xo ,
Ana Catalarrana

Kristian said...

Adoring this look! The houndsooth is great.

Teddi said...

lauren, the 60's styles look good on you too! of course your outfit is outstanding, & you're wearing your favorite color.

Mihaela said...

Wonderful contrasting outfit! :)

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