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Monday, October 8, 2012

Falling For Fall.

White Blouse, Yellow Cardigan: Forever21.
Red Pants: AE.
Straw Fedora: Thrifted.
Ruffle Loafers: c/o Pink and Pepper.

The season of fall means a lot to me and I've never quite understood why. Maybe it's perhaps some of my most vivid memories as a little girl are during fall. Riding the bumpy hay ride into the forest in my fuzzy purple zip up. Stressing out over picking thee perfect pumpkin. Helping my father rake leaves with my mini plastic rake, only to jump in the pile and ruin all of the hard work (but it was worth it). I can see the pictures we have printed out of me during the fall growing up. The one of me sitting on the hay bale with my grandmother as a toddler. The one where I'm dressed up as a rockabilly girl with my best friend for 10 years, Traci. And the picture of me turning into a young lady, wearing a pretty dress; my face glowing with happiness as I go to my first ever high school homecoming with the boy I'm in love with.

I've been bummed lately because on campus is doesn't feel like fall. Yes, the leaves are changing and the air is getting frigid but I feel such a disconnect from the real world while here. Kent is like it's own little town and I am so closed off from everything that goes on outside of it. It's been hard not to be surrounded by all of the fall activities and places that I've had for 19, too. There's no apple orchard, huge corn maze, pumpkin patch, Ohio State Reformatory, tacky Halloween store, and mall decorated with lame decorations that have been put up for 20 years. I'm not in my house where my mother burns the pumpkin candle and I put up the Halloween decorations with my little sister. I can't go into the supermarket and see the pumpkin cookies, the witches that cackle when you walk past them, nor the aisles and aisles of candy for sale. I've just really been missing what fall is all about.

But my parents came to visit me this weekend and I asked around to see where the nearest fall farm was in Kent. We went to this little place called Dussel where all in one day, I felt so at home. I picked out pumpkins, drank warm apple cider, laughed at corny Halloween decorations, watched kettle corn being made, and so much more...I got to spend the most incredible fall day with my family that I will never forget. I am the corniest person ever but I love fall and I love to do fall things. The fact that my family was willing to do them for me and with me meant the world. I wish I could relive Saturday over and over again and give them the biggest hug in the world. 

Because I just love my family so much.

With much love, Lauren.


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend. And I feel the same about autumn and Halloween while at college. It is just not the same as being home and enjoying all the season has to offer! I am loving the combination of colors.
Almost Endearing

Unknown said...

Glad that you got to enjoy a wonderful autumn weekend with your family! Looks like you had a great time.

Those red pants are so adorable!


Anonymous said...

Picking your own pumpkins is a tradition I want to do with my son every year! It's so fun to go to a real farm and let them see how vegetables grow. :) Glad yo had a fun weekend! I love your cardigan and the photos look amazing! <3


Sampada said...

Aww this sounds like a great weekend! Fall activities are the best :)

You look lovely and radiant. And your sister is the cutest :)


Katie Burry said...

You look adorable! I love autumn so much! <3 I cannot wait to go to the pumpkin farm this month! <3

Katie Aman said...

Aw, this is DARLING. You've inspired me to find something similar around my hometown- this looks like a blast! That has to be the prettiest blouse I've ever seen. The detail on the collar is so whimsical! Also you have a smile that must just light up whatever room you're in :)

Justin & Lindsay said...

The chunky sweater looks ridiculously comfy. Oh my, you are making me so excited for fall! :)

Jay said...

As you get older, you learn to appreciate those moments with your family. These kinds of experiences are priceless, and we should all treasure them. Whenever you're feeling down or lonely, just remember that you have a wonderful family who loves you unconditionally. That's a blessing that not a lot of people have nowadays.

On another note, I love this color combo. It's so classic-fall to me! :)

bridget anne said...

1. that sweater!
2. loving your lipstick.
3. that picture of you next to the trio of detail shots -- perfection.
4. i so second everything you said about fall & childhood.
5. i was sad when i first read what you said about where you are now & the lack of fall-ness -- but then very happy about the anecdote with your parents! : )

Et tu, tutu? said...

Love your lipstick and your fall colours, but most of all your joyful smile!


Anonymous said...

You look so lovely and so does your little sister!
I know this is probably obvious, but is she adopted? I'm adopted and I always find something so gorgeous about adopted children. :)

Jeannee said...

You are so blessed to have such a family <3

Kristian said...

Well, these are gorgeous photos! Love the oversized cardigan on you.

I'm sorry you are feeling a bit homesick/disconnected from fall. By the way, where is Kent? I'll admit I was thinking Kent in the UK, but now am not so sure?

Teddi said...

lauren, your family visiting you, was just what you needed. to make it feel like fall. :)

Nerd Burger said...

I love this entire post. You look soooo cute. I love all the pumpkins and you just suit that hat so much. :)

Midwest Muse said...

I love this top so much! And I'm so glad this place worked out for you guys! It's seriously up the street from my house and I'm going to go this weekend. I have no idea why I've bothered going to other places when it's so close.

Unknown said...

I am in love with this outfit! The hat, lipstick, and colors are a perfect combo. I actually pinned a picture that looks so close to this..I swanny, it had to of been you!

James 4:8

friedenlinde said...

All these pics are so darling! The last picture of you - beautiful!

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