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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Grey Knit Poncho: Forever21.
White Eyelet Dress: Delia's.
Black Boots: H&M.
Wool Fedora, Wine Colored Tights: Target.

Hello everyone!
Hope you all are doing wonderful- I know I've been doing so much better since being back in Kent. Just so happy and full of life. Not to mention I had something absolutely incredible happen yesterday- a prayer I've been asking for a long time was answered. So, so thankful about it. The sign might not mean anything, maybe I'm getting my hopes up, but in my heart I just have this feeling it's going to lead to something good ♥

Got to cut this short tonight- have a long evening ahead of me working on flats.
 Lauren v. Flats = flats win every time...ha.

With much love, Lauren.


Carlee, Little Sloth said...

What a lovely outfit! I am glad that everything is going good and you are happy! This outfit if beautiful and I am loving the pattern on the poncho and the color of those tights!
Almost Endearing

Bridgette Nicole said...

Cute outfit! I love the grey poncho! I have one myself kinda like that and I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

cute outfit.. :)

Irene Wibowo

Unknown said...

Aw you're so adorable in your little poncho! You look so wintery and cute. The color of your tights is wonderful too. I can't wait to break out my cool-weather hats like yours.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better! I love your poncho and those wine colored tights are amazing! Perfect color! <3


The Styleaholic said...

Such a pretty outfit! Love the hat! It goes perfectly with your poncho. =)

Elizabeth said...

You look amazing in this outfit! I love seeing your smile. Your gorgeous and don't let anyone tell you different. Glad your feeling alot better. i hate feeling sickeningly sad. Trust me, I know what is feel like and it snot fun. Still keeping you in my prayers!!

Lizzy <3

lara said...

I love your poncho! super cute :)

Midnight And Dawn said...

I'm pretty sure that is the perfect fall outfit :)

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