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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prague Part III.

Hi there!

Here is my last installment of photos from Prague (and I know you all are like, "FINALLY Lauren, you've dragged this out four posts too long...). I feel bad that this has kind of turned into a travel blog, but it's just what I have the most photos of and spend most of my time doing, so I might as well blog it I suppose! Wait, I lied when I said this is the last set of photos...it is the last travel set, but I do have some outfit photos from the first day yet to post! Have to get a move on soon though because I have pictures from the Euro Chocolate festival from this weekend, and then I leave for London for five days on Tuesday...

The second day of exploring Prague was just as lovely as the first. For our guided tour, we went and saw Charles Bridge and then made our way over to the Prague Castle. The bridge was amazing...all of the fall foliage surrounding it was unbelievable, and getting up close to the arch the bridge started on you could see the impeccable details of such a historic structure. The Charles Bridge was much like the Ponte Vecchio in Florence-- full of artisan merchants and musicians keeping things lively. The other side of Prague was super charming and we made our way up, up, up to the largest castle in the world-- The Prague Castle.

This thing was massive. I don't even really have any photos actually of it because that's impossible...this thing, is like block after block long and large, and I could only really take photos of various structures inside the walls rather than the thing in its entirety. We did a little tour inside and the Cathedral was my favorite--it blew even the ones in Milan and Siena out the window. Another thing I found interesting inside our castle tour, was all of the medieval armor and weapons--pretty neat to see! After that, we were free to go on our own and I decided to do some exploring by myself because I quite like to get acquainted with cities on my own terms.

I wandered around looking in shops and such, and also went to a Medieval Torture Museum. Sounds pretty grotesque and unlike me, right? I don't know! I have an odd fascination with things like that, and it wasn't expensive so I went and thought it was pretty interesting. No photos worth showing though, ha, I'm sure I'd get all sorts of strange google image searches with those! 

It started to rain about this time in the evening and it was so delightful...the street lights illuminating the wet cobble stones in a warm glow in the evening and the smell of the fresh rain made me feel like I was home. I stumbled into a random little hole in the wall place for dinner and got goulash again because it had been so good the night before (I'm a one trick wonder), and topped it off with the delicious sweet, sugared bread again. I know what I like! 

Leaving Prague the next morning was definitely sad...it felt like home to me. A place I could see myself living and enjoying even more so than Florence. It was such a lovely trip-- my favorite thus far and I cannot wait to visit again someday! x

With much love, Lauren. 


Sophie said...

I'm still yet to make it to Prague! I'm loving all these posts, I'm a Brit so am fairly well a acquainted with Europe. It's interesting to see a non Europeans take on the continent. Like seeing it through someone else's eyes! I kinda take being a few hours away from various countries for granted but am so lucky to be so close by to such beautiful history!

Hilary said...

Your hair looks so nice! Also Prague looks like fun to explore :)

Eccentric Owl said...

I'm pretty sure nobody minds the travel posts! Your pictures of Prague are all amazing; it is such a fascinating place! And I would totally go to the torture museum, too. It sounds REALLY interesting!

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