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Monday, October 6, 2014

Verona, Italy.

I made a friend from Spain!

Hello everyone!

I visited the city of love yesterday--the beautiful Verona where Juliet and Romeo supposedly lived. I didn't know of many places I wanted to visit before I came over here to Europe, but I knew for certain I wanted to go to Verona. I've always loved the play since I read it in high school, and Verona has so much more history and beauty to offer even beyond the place of the tragic love story.

There was a marathon going on in Verona this day so the city was super packed, but bustling with fun festivities, music, and stands selling a variety of foods. It was all so exciting! We did a walking tour around the city seeing all of the ancient buildings, a lot from B.C. and also the third largest Colosseum left. We of course went to Romeo's supposed house where people actually live now so that stinks for them to always have tourists around and writing love notes on your door, ha! But Juliet's house is not inhabited and was such an awesome display of love from around the world. On the wall going into the courtyard, people stick love notes and letters on the wall and a lot of times (grossly enough) on bandaids. Inside the courtyard there's a statue of Juliet and a huge, crowed line to touch her golden breast for good luck in your future for love. On the wall behind Juliet, there's more letters people stick to with gum, and a small basket on the ground where you can send her a letter and be written back to (there really are 7 ladies who do this, just like in the movie Letter's to Juliet!). I guess Juliet gets about 900 letters a day which is quite impressive!

We had free time and I walked around, ate a margarita pizza and a delicious chocolate pie with a cat cut out on the top (so cute). Then, we went to Lake Garda which is near by and is the largest lake in Europe I believe. We did a little boat tour, and you can see in the photos above a far away look at the island and ancient ruins from castles. The last thing was a stop for gelato (always!) and it was honestly some of the best, creamiest I've had since coming here. Yum, yum, yum-- I could eat gelato every day.

I went to Milan and Lake Como two days before this trip, so I still have photos to post from those places, and then I leave for Prague on Thursday so I'll be on yet another trip! Whew. After this weekend's trip, I'm going to take a weekend off and not travel because it really is just exhausting...but just enough time to gear up to go to London for 5 days the following weekend! So excited. x

With much love, Lauren.


Mescatony said...

Hi Lauren :) I just wanted to drop by and finally say how much I love reading your blog and checking your Instagram! You're such a lovely person, really, and I always admire your cute outfits, beautiful photos, and captivating & poignant writing style :) At the end of your post my JAW JUST DROPPED because WOW YOU'RE GOING TO PRAGUE!!! *w* This is where I live, and now I deeply regret that I didn't write you as soon as in April when I first discovered your blog because I would really love to meet you but now I only seem like a creepy random girl ahaha :D Anyway enjoy Prague to the fullest, I'm sure you're absolutely love it!:) And if you need any tips just drop me a message!:)

Take care,


Julia said...

Verona is definitely one of those places I really want to visit one day. I sort of fell in love with Italy after films like "life is beautiful" and "Letters to Juliet".
And seeing your pictures makes me long to travel there even more!

Sammi said...

Gosh, how beautiful. Side note: you would make an absolutely gorgeous Juliet in that show. If I were casting it, you'd be the ideal type, because you kind of have the perfect look (you're beautiful and have this young innocence about you). I have a soft spot for R&J, though my favorite is Much Ado About Nothing. :)

xox Sammi

Lorna said...

Such a beautiful trip I want to visit too now ;)

Temporary hugs From Barcelona !

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures my dear friend!

Kryn said...

So beautiful!!!! I never got a chance to go to Verona but your photos are seriously making me wish we had stopped. Oh well, next time!

Heather Gwinn said...

What a beautiful place. I'd love to go there someday. Your photos are amazing!


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