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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

London Part I.

Hi guys!

I didn't feel like I took that many photos in London, but when I got back to Florence and began looking at them I realized I did! it was pretty slow actually the first four days I was there, and then the last day I did all the touristy things at the traditional land marks and have a ton of photos from them. But for now, I'll just start out with some photos from the first day!

We arrived Tuesday evening so that didn't leave time to do anything but get dinner and rest in the hotel that evening, but Wednesday started out the planned activities and adventuring. We woke up early and had a traditional English breakfast that the hotel provided for us. English do it big for breakfast! Eggs, breads, pastries, tomatoes, baked beans, bacon, tea, coffee, juices....it was so nice! We then took a little boat ride down the Thames river and saw Big Ben from afar and the London Eye.

We were dropped off in front of Shakespeare's Globe where we had a tour of the theater which was so lovely! I've always really enjoyed Shakespeare's plays, so it was a joy to see where he would have had them actually performed. We then had an Elizabethan dressing demonstration which was so interesting since American fashion doesn't go back that far. Couldn't believe how long and intricate the whole process was! 

After the Globe, we were able to go off for lunch and me and some friends stopped at a BBQ place which was a real treat. I got a burger with BBQ sauce and delicious sweet potato fries...I felt like I was home! 

Then, we went to the Tate Modern Museum where I unfortunately wasn't allowed to take any photos :( But I did end up liking it a lot more than I thought I would! I am kind of 'meh' about modern art (so sue me), but our tour guide was amazing at the Tate and offered up so much insight and history behind the pieces, so I was better able to understand and appreciate them.

The evening we were free for shopping and we visited the Brick Lane area which is filled with vintage stores so that was quite convenient, eh? If I didn't have to double my American dollar for one pound, definitely would have bought something! We also ventured around Oxford Circus which was seriously magical with all the bustle, lights, and decorations hanging about. I visited & Other Stories for the first time (loved!) and also stumbled upon Dahlia which suprised me! Funny story, years ago when I started blogging Dahlia was one of my first sponsors and sent me a dream dress I'll never forget wearing (still have it back home actually)...I had no idea they had actual stores, so it was wonderful to find a brick and mortar store and look inside!

For dinner we went to this really off beat Hawaiian burger grill, ha. Since I had already had a burger though, I got pancakes; my favorite food EVER! I have missed them so much since being here in Italy, so I was in heaven. 

Thinking all about my times in London makes me sad already--miss it! x

With much love, Lauren.


Kristina @ Eccentric Owl said...

Ah, it looks like you saw so many great things in London! I'm really loving all of your travel photos, and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!

Kezzie said...

OOoh, the BBQ place looks good- was that along the Thames? I should have got you some Scottish pancakes to take back to Florence with you- you can easily stick them in the microwave or toaster to warm them up! I've never actually seen a Dahlia store either, hmmm, where was it?!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Kezzie, Dahlia was in Oxford Circus around there I believe? It was down a little alley way by Jack Willes! :) thank you again for all of your hospitality when I was in London :D

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Eeep!! Love reading your travel posts Lauren. And all your outfits are super cute!!

Unknown said...

I visited London about two years ago and it was amazing. Still one of my favorite places I have been. Your photos are amazing. I went to the Tate, Im not the biggest fan of modern art but it was still a great collection!

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