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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Milan, Como, and A Broken Toe.

Hello everyone!

So last Thursday and Friday I went to Milan and Lake Como with my school for a field trip, but unfortunately before all that I ...broke my toe :(

It happened in a very "Lauren" fashion of me opening the refrigerator door late Wednesday night and a huge sauce can falling right on my fourth toe. Ugh, it was one of those 'in shock' pains where I felt sick to my stomach instantly and had to lie down because I knew I had broken something. I called my father sobbing and he guided me through what to do by myself. I ended up having to call an ambulance, ridiculous enough as it was, but the hospital was too far to walk and no one had a car for me to take. They were super nice and didn't think it was dumb at all the take the ambulance, and I got into the ER right away, doctor looked at me, took x-rays, and yep, it was broken. There wasn't anything they could do for it since I broke the end, so they just told me not to walk on it and that it would be healed in 15 days. I kind of panicked because I was supposed to get up to go to Milan the next morning at 5 for the field trip--where we would be walking all day. Things turned out better than I thought though and I've been really lucky! It hasn't caused me too much trouble and was bearable to walk with the whole trip.

To be honest though, I was kind of disappointed with both Milan and Como. Milan doesn't have a lot of old, historic, architectural buildings like Florence, but more just feels like a big city. The Duomo was beautiful though and a real sight to see! We went to a modern design museum while there and also visited 10 Corso Como which was the first concept store. A concept store is something we're familiar with today, but back in the 80's this was a new idea. Basically a concept store is a shop that not only sells clothing, but an experience. It's more than just clothing, but has a cafe, an art gallery, rooftop garden, other items for sale...everything is designer and beautiful and just a pleasure to look at! Other than the concept store and the museum, we were free to wander around the city and study the shops and visual merchandising in the widows because it's unlike anything we have back in the US (and especially in Ohio).

The next morning we woke up early to go to Como which isn't too far away from Milan. First in the morning we went to an AMAZING silk printing factory where they print silk fabric for every top desginer you can think of. We couldn't take any pictures because all of the pieces were the new designs coming out for spring/summer and also next winter, but it was so cool to see the scarf designs for LV, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, D&G, and also the prints for Chanel boots on leather! The silk factory was probably the most educational and fascinating thing I've seen here so far in Europe. They walked us through every step of the process and the different methods and it just kind of blows your mind how much work and materials goes into making something even so small that we never think twice of when we buy it. It just makes you appreciate craftsmanship and the clothing you have so much more when you see how it's made!

Also in Como we went to a fabric museum library where we were able to study fabric from as early as the 17th century. There was also an exhibit on Emilio Pucci there and the start of his early work that he did in Como which was wonderful to see because I love Pucci! 

Overall, even though the two towns weren't exactly what I thought they'd be, I'm appreciative for the chance to travel new places and learn new things I never would have gotten to otherwise. x

With much love, Lauren.


Zoe Grate said...

I love hearing about your travels. Some of the things you have seen and done are dreams of mine! I can't wait to hear more about your travels :)

Unknown said...

I love hearing about the fun tours you take on your trips. I also love how honest you are with your travels. Some people always seem reluctant to say they don't like a place just because its historic and well known and city or place people dream of visiting. I think everyone has different preferences on what they consider a place worth visiting! At least you are open in your explorations

Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear about your toe!

The silk factory sounds absolutely amazing! I love visiting textile/apparel factories (of course, then again I am a textile geek). So fun and I always learn a ton!

Idealism never goes out of fashion

Unknown said...

(((LAUREN))) I've broken my toe, so ouch! I get it! - glad u were able to continue your journeys!!!

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